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Supplications and Prayers

(Arabic and English)

Salawat Books of Vancouver Naqshbandi Center

Arabic Salawat Book

Arabic Salawats with English Translation

Urdu Salawat/Naat Book

Urdu Nasheeds with English Translation

Holy Quran and Dalail Khairat

Daily Practices of Naqshbandi Way

Book of Devotions: Practices after each Salat (Prayer):
Prayers and practices that are recited after the five Daily Salats (Prayers).
A must for all seekers!


Monthly/Special Occasions’ Practices/Du’as

Hijab of The Month

12 Monthly Veils Entry Way Veil, Name of Allah, Name of RasoolAllah, Surah of Quran

MUHARRAM محرم الحرام (First Lunar Month of Islamic Calendar)

RAJAB رجب المرجب  (7th Lunar Month) The Month of Allah (AJ)

SHA’BAN شعبان المعظم (8th Lunar Month) Month of Prophet Muhammad (saws)

 RAMADAN رمضان المبارك (9th Lunar Month) Month of the Nation of Prophet (saws)

DHUL HIJJA ذوالحجّه (12th Lunar Month)

General Du’a (Supplications):

Du’a (Supplication) Booklets:

  • Healing and Protection Du’as – Naqshbandis’ supplications for Healing and protection includes; Salawat of Healing, Du’a containing Ism ul ‘Azam, Du’a atTawassul with the silsila of Naqshbandi Order, Titles of Qutub ul Mutasarif,  Du’a of Sayidena Yunus (as), and more.
  • Protection Against Black Magic  Naqshbandi Protection Against Negative Energies includes; Du’a ayatul kursi, Silsila of Naqshbandi order, du’a ulmathur, and Du’a for protection.

Special Du’as – Supplications

(Salutation and Praising upon Prophet Muhammad (saw))

Naqshbandi Arabic Salawat Book of Vancouver  Arabic with English Translation.Pdf


 Grandshaykh Abdullah al-Fa’iz Daghestani’s handwritten taweez, for protection.