Secrets of the Star and Guidance

From the Teachings of Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani As Taught By Shaykh Nurjan Mirahmadi

A’odhu billahi minash shaytaanir rajeem
Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

 لَا إِلَٰهَ إِلَّا هُوَ كُلُّ شَيْءٍ هَالِكٌ إِلَّا وَجْهَهُ لَهُ الْحُكْمُ وَإِلَيْهِ تُرْجَعُونَ…
28:88 “…la ilaha illa huwa, kullu shayin halikun illa wajha hu la hul hukmu wa ilayhi turja’oon.” (Surat Al Qasas)

“…There is no god but He. Everything (that exists) will perish except His (holy) Face. To Him belongs the Command, and to Him will you (all) be returned.” (Quran, The Stories 28:88)

Understanding our creation is Tariqa (spiritual path). It is not a particular religion that sets you apart and to be proud of that religion to be born into a religion. But a religion is a discipline upon the physicality. It means going to towards the star of David (as). It is not exclusive to Jewish people. it is a Star! And prophetic teaching is that follow any of my Sahabis, they are like stars on a dark night. Stars are stars in dark night & moonguidance, and are symbols of Saints.

“Ashabi kan Nujoom, bi ayyihim aqtadaytum ahtadaytum.”

My companions are like stars. Follow any one of them and you will be guided.” Prophet Muhammad (saws)


The process of enlightenment is to become a Star

All Prophets came and taught law for the general public, and taught spiritual realities for the very few elite who were willing to take a spiritual path and to seek. The process of enlightenment is to become a star. It means that once you become enlightened you are filled with light, and when you are filled with light you are a star. You will guide in this world, in your physicality, because that light is glowing from you, and you’ll guide in the hereafter because you are a star in the Heavens.

We take guidance for granted now-a-days but before, when people were sailing on ships, they relied completely on the Heavens. They had to look at the sky to determine where they were because there was no GPS, there was no Google Map quest. It means all guidance was coming from that analogy.

The Divine is showing that anyone seeking enlightenment, the reality of that enlightenment is to become a shining star. So Najm Dawood (Star of David) was not Dawood’s, it was Sayyidina Muhammad’s (saws). It was the divine kingdom. It was a gift from the Divine Almighty, that anyone applying this law is going to unlock the power of heavenly kingdom. And understanding that star is towards the station of self realization.


It means that the Divine is teaching us, “if you can unleash these secrets and bring these disciplines upon yourself, entire universes are going to open for you!” You will understand the secrets of creation. You will understand the secrets of light.

When we say someone is enlightened, what does that mean? A thousand years ago, if someone came to you and said “it’s time to become enlightened,” you would say, “what are you talking about, enlightened?!” But now it doesn’t even require faith because science is telling you that from this form you have a molecular structure; from molecular structure you have atomic structure; from atomic structure you have sub-atomic structure, and below all of that you have quantum – light. Quantum physics! It means that we have now reached a point that, ok, faith or no faith it is all going to be laid out for you. Everything has to do with light. Everything around you is created from light. (Knocking on the floor) This has a form. Its molecular structure has atoms, but when you go to the level of quantum it’s just light, it’s energy.

Science is showing you that everything has to do with light. So when you are “enlightened”, it means you understand everything, because everything has a knowledge. You may open just one level of light which is the energy level. Then you may go deeper in the understanding of light which is the angelic level of understanding, where the angels teach you the reality of each atom of light, and how that light is hearing, seeing, smelling and tasting. It means that every atom in this room hears, sees, smells, tastes – everything! So the pursuit of spiritual realities is the pursuit of light; to enlighten oneself to become light, and that is what Saints had achieved – a station of light. That was Einstein’s theory; that if you become light then time stopped for you. E= Mc2 Why? Because time is only relevant to our physical body that is on this earth, but enlightened individuals are not bound by time anymore. Their soul moves at the speed of light, and that is the importance of what quantum physics is now coming to teach all of mankind.


Star is made up of Two Triangles – Pointing towards Heaven and Earth

Then to unlock the secrets of light, the secrets of our soul, we must move towards the star and the station of self-realization.

That star is made up of two triangles: one triangle that points up towards the Heavens, and one triangle that points towards the earth.The (top) triangle that points towards the heavens, represents Islam (Religion), Iman (Faith), Ihsan (Moral Excellence)

The (bottom) triangle which points towards the earth represents our earthly or animalistic nature. The three points on this bottom triangle are: 1) anger 2) ignorance and 3) fire. So when we come towards a spiritual path we are engulfed by that lower triangle; means that we are like Hellboy, and we are seeking that upper triangle which provides the remedy for the negativity that is within us and which seeks to destroy us.

The three points on the upper triangle are: 

1) Islam (religion)

   2) Iman (faith) and

                 3) Ihsan (moral excellence)




So another understanding of “Hu knows themselves will know their Lord” means that we must know the reality of the Star of Soloman [as], the Prophetic Star, because the star symbolizes our journey towards the Divine Presence.

So when we first come we are in the station of the lower triangle, which is the lower desires and negative energy. That energy by its nature is fiery, and like a wild forest fire it is still not under control. That energy is moving up, and its first influence on the physicality is to keep that physicality ignorant. These two points, ignorance and anger, when we focus on it, it opens many different understandings on how everything is related, and how Sufism opens up the understanding of our physiology – “Hu knows himself will know his Lord”. So the first level of knowing is what is this vehicle that I’ve been given? Because this is not your reality; this is a car that you were given for this material world – your body, your form. That is not who you really are because your soul is ancient, but you have to know how does this car operate? How does it function? How do I put fuel in it? How do I drive it so that it doesn’t drive me?

So this fiery energy from the material world, its first influence is to keep you ignorant – ignorant of everything! So that is why the first point on the bottom triangle is “ignorance”.

That negative energy is trying to whisper to your heart, “Don’t learn about yourself and why you were created. Don’t learn how to perfect yourself. Don’t learn about how to meditate and deal with stress.” In other words, don’t get any understanding of how to safely and effectively operate this vehicle that the Divine has given you. That negativity that is active in the world wants to keep you ignorant because if it can keep you ignorant you will become heedless. And when you look around, people are more ignorant than at any other.

time in our history. There is so much information available to us today, but that information is extremely… what is the word? Superficial? Yes. All this information is superficial; coming at you left and right, but there is no wisdom in it.

Then, the next point on the triangle is “anger”. When that negativity can keep us in a state of ignorance we become very angry. Why? Because you don’t understand what is happening in this world. You feel like you’re in the dark and bumping into everything, and then your react from anger instead of wisdom and faith.  As that anger increases it makes us to be very fiery because in that state you are burning with the lower desires of the ego.

So the bottom point of the lower triangle is “fire” and if we place it over the body

it is pointing to the area of the genitals. In that region these characteristics of ignorance and anger come together to make us to be fiery, and that becomes the widespread violence and pornography that we are seeing everywhere. Mawlana Shaykh says that in most countries the value of life is about 30 cents, which is the cost of a bullet – and they even recycle the bullets now! All over the world people are being slaughtered, and women and

children are being horribly abused. That is a sign for us that this is a very ignorant time, and when you are ignorant you’re going to be very angry, and when you’re angry you’re going to be fiery and violent. In this state of being we are like Hellboy, coming from a world filled with Shayateen, or demonic and evil influences that are pulling us towards negativity.

Then Sufism, which is the path of Gnosticism and knowing the self, comes to teach us how to reverse this process by empowering the soul with Heavenly knowledge. It takes us from the station of “Hellboy” to a true Hu-man, by dressing our soul with the reflection of HuwaHu that is reflecting through Mawlana Shaykh. It means that as the negative energy of the material world is moving up the physicality, there has to be a balance and a solution to that difficulty – because the Divine is Just. That balance is the top triangle which represents the Heavenly energy that is raining down on the physicality from Heavens (although there is no up or down direction). Then these two energies meet at the stomach and the clash begins – like Yin and Yang. That is why Sayedena Muhammad (s) was teaching that the root of all sickness is in the stomach.


The First point of the upper triangle is “religion”

So the first point of the upper triangle is “religion”, and it can be any religion that you are comfortable with, but there must be a set of rules which discipline myself, my family and my community; rules which teach me that I’m not supposed to cheat, that I’m not supposed to steal, and that I’m not supposed to hurt anyone. Those rules must be a Divine set of laws or they will keep changing based upon people’s desires, and then the result is that if I’m a person that likes to slap people, I’ll make up a religion where I’m allowed to go around and slap people, and we see many religions like that today. So it has to be a Divine set of rules which clearly explain what is right and wrong and don’t keep changing. Then I know that if something is wrong, even if 9 out of 10 people in the room are doing it, it’s still wrong.

But if we are constantly modifying the part we call religion, then we find ourselves moving in all sorts of different directions and we become distracted. So then the first Heavenly emanation that comes is teaching us to use a set of Divine rules – whatever they are – to govern my physical life. That I’m allowed to do this, and I’m not allowed to do that. These restrictions tame the physicality so that the soul becomes more powerful over the body.

 The “religion” is opposite “Ignorance”

Then you can see that  “religion” is opposite “ignorance” on the diagram. As we start to govern our physical life according to Divine guidance, we begin combating our state of ignorance because religion brings wisdom to the heart, which is the opposite of ignorance. That’s why it’s like a manual for how to perfect yourself. When you read any of these ancient texts, it’s like telling you about yourself, and all of these Prophets and spiritual masters, they describe what they went through to reach that reality. So it conquers ignorance; every book of wisdom that you read, regardless of who wrote it. It means that there has to be an ability to extract wisdom from anything you read, and then it gives you an insight like “ah! I was ignorant about that.” And then that writer is writing and showing us how to conquer ignorance when we study about ourselves and how to discipline ourselves, our families and our communities.

Then, as a result of that struggle against ignorance, it builds faith, which is the next point on the top triangle. Faith is not something physical. Faith has to do with the soul now. Once you have applied the physical disciplines that I can’t harm myself, I can’t harm my neighbors, I can’t harm anybody, now the power of the soul is growing because the soul starts to agree with these disciplines and guidelines. The soul is like a bird in a cage. If the physicality is empowered, it makes it like a solid cage and that bird is trapped inside. As the physicality diminishes in its power and has more discipline, that soul begins to move out of the cage. The bars become narrow and

there is more space in between so that the bird can come and go as it pleases, and the soul starts to gain greater influence over the body. As the soul starts to gain control, it begins to inspire and increase your level of faith. So that becomes the station of faith because the soul believes in the Divine and respects the law and order of the Divine. It believes in Holy Books – all Holy Books. It believes in the Day of Judgement and that one day we are will be responsible for our actions. It believes in angels and spiritual beings, because as you become more spiritually subtle, the soul begins to teach that there has to be many more types of creation than what we see with our physical eyes.

So faith comes and inspires us that the space you are in is filled with beings that you can’t see. You may look and say, “no it’s empty” but science tells us it has to be full. Your glass of water is filled with life. That is why if they take your water and look at it under a powerful microscope they find creation in it. They look and they find a microscopic bug, and then they zoom-in more and they find a bug on top of the bug. Glory be to God! Because one of God’s attributes is al-Khaliq, the Creator. He is constantly Creating. So then the soul starts to teach us that this room is filled with angels and spiritual beings, and that is from faith. We can’t perceive them with our physical eyes, but there is a technology that God has placed in the hearts of all human beings which allow us to perceive this type of information. That technology is the hands of Saints.

Faith is the exact opposite of Anger

As we see on the diagram, because anger is the result of a lack of faith. When something happens that you don’t like and you get angry, it is because you are lacking in faith. If you had faith you would never get angry because you would see every event as originating with your Lord. So as we build our faith we begin to extinguish the anger inside of us like putting water onto a fire. So we begin to see that the Prophetic Star that was given to David is like a self-help manual that tells us about ourselves. By using the star we can judge ourselves and our level of self-realization. Do we find ourselves to be ignorant? Then we need to seek out Heavenly knowledge and study about ourselves. Do we find ourselves to be quickly angered and stay angry? Then we need to build our faith.

Then we come to the two poles of our reality. The bottom point of the lower star is “fire”, and you see that its opposite is the top point of the upper triangle, which is “moral excellence” because moral excellence is the exact opposite of lower desires. If we reach to that perfection that the Prophets and Saints are calling us towards, it means we have discipline, we have faith, then it opens the station of moral excellence and what they call the “third eye”. That is why the point of moral excellence is at the forehead on the diagram. That opens the ability to see what people can’t see. We close our eyes in contemplation and start to use the spiritual vision and open the eye of the heart, which will be moving through that forehead. That is the reality behind the testimony of faith that Prophet (s) was teaching, when we say “I bear witness that there is no God but God.” To bear witness means to see, and Prophet (s) said “worship the Divine as if you are seeing Him.” You can’t see the Divine Presence with your physical eyes, so it means we must open the eyes of the heart through the achievement of moral excellence.

So the station of moral excellence is the top of the upper triangle because it symbolizes the apex of our spiritual growth. It is the exact opposite of lower desires. It means that the more you reach towards moral excellence, the more you will extinguish the fire in your being, and instead of being a fiery and angry creation, the fire becomes the fire of love. Then that becomes the Hu Logo. This is the “face of God”, the secret of Hu wa Hu through the perfection of the Holy Face, so when we look at it we see that the entire Sufi path is encapsulated in this image. You notice that the heart has replaced the downward triangle from the diagram of the star because as we leave that fiery energy of the material world and start to be dressed by the light of HuwaHu that is reflecting through Mawlana Shaykh, then the power of our heart becomes dominant over the lower desires.

That heart is now a heart based off of love – it’s no longer a triangle and love of the material world. And you notice that the heart is engulfed in fire; means it is now burning with that love for the Divine Presence. That is from the reality of the Prophet Abraham (as), when he was going to be burned by the fires of Nimrod.

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