What Do We Worship?

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Hasbun-Allah, Rabbun-Allah and The Level of Faith in Coming Days..

9:40 Holy Quran for Allah did indeed help him, when the Unbelievers drove him out: he had no more than one companion; they two were in the cave, and he said to his companion, “Have no fear, for Allah is with us”: then Allah sent down His peace upon him, and strengthened him with forces which ye saw not,

 [ Secrets of the Cave ]

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Aoodhu billahi min ashaytaani ‘r-rajeem Bismillahi ‘r-Rahmaahi ‘r-Raheem

From the teachings of Madad al Haqq Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani.


They are the shaykhs, they are the guide. They are the perfected ones, and we are not a shaykh, not a guide, not a perfected one. And we always ask for their madad, abidoona bi maddadi-kum,  that they gaze upon us and they pray upon us, and they send their madad and support. And without their madad and support we cease to exist

We try our best to enter this ocean of nothingness and move towards our Lords satisfaction and our Lords pleasure. Alhamdulillah a new year is opening and a new journey is beginning. Every journey that ends has a new beginning. And by the grace of Allah Azzaz wa jal and through Mawlana Shaykh, in each journey they wish only the best for us. They wish for us to push a little harder and move a little deeper into those realities of our Lords pleasure, so that the life we live if it does not grow, it has no benefit.


They say it’s better to be in the dirt if you do not grow spiritually. If our life is only to eat and drink and go to the bathroom, than we are no different to animals, which are in abundance. It means that Mawlana Shaykh only wishes the best for us, to excel and to push ourselves harder to move into that reality. And as that push begins, it becomes more and more difficult, it begins to push against everything that dunya is about and dunya understands. Wa jaa al Haqq wa zahaakal batil, that noorul Haqq, its not so abundant. Its very Rare light, the light of Truth.

Many of us believe that we live in that Truth, that we have been raised within that Truth and still yet Mawlana Shaykh’s teaching is that you have no understanding about that Truth. So we come across many people who say, “O Shaykh my whole family have been Naqshbandi and all my relatives were mu’min and believers.”

O you who believe, believe,

yaa ayyuhaladeena aamaanoo, aamaanoo.

It means that a day is coming now, where the level of belief is such that even the belief of our relatives is not going to be sufficient for the belief that we have to have for what is coming of difficulties. So then immediately the people of negation, negate all of that. “O my mother and my father and my relatives knew nothing.” That counts for nothing. What my Lord wants from me now, is very specific to these times. So that we take a path of negation . Because many people are going to use a little bit of knowledge, and have a tremendous amount of difficulty.


I think there is an expression, “God bless the meek.” It means the concept of admitting that I know nothing and just to be empty, “Fill me my Lord with Your realities.” And that reality can begin to dress us and that what ever they are teaching, we are running towards that. A little bit of understanding can taint that whole co-ordinance. And then they bring that information in, they bounce it around with what little they know, what little experience they have had and say, ” we know that is not right. It’s incorrect. This is not what is supposed to be happening.” And that door of faith that we have to move towards is very difficult.


And everything about Mawlana Shaykh’s (teachings) is trying to dress us with that Reality. Most of what people worship today – we are not comfortable on this subject, because nobody likes it (smiling), is money, and they don’t admit it. And they have been worshipping a false god from the time of Nabi Musa (as). And as we said before from Mawlana Shaykh’s teaching, Nabi Musa (as) was taking his people to the Promised Land, but people were concerned about: “How are we going to transport our gold, their wealth? You are telling us to leave all of that, where is the Promised Land? How are we going to take all of this.” And many times Mawlana Shaykh’s teaching for us is that it is very difficult. And Nabi Musa is teaching us that these awliyaaAllah are coming into our lives to perfect our faith, to take away all the false gods, all the false desires that we may know or not know of that exist.


And they begin to tug, and they pull on different things in a different direction and see what happens with us. It means that a true believer, and our example goes to Mawlana Shaykh, what ever comes to them and flows from them, they don’t blink. That is our goal to reach, not that we are like that. That is why there is always a disclaimer that we are nothing compared to that. But you have to have an understanding of faith, that, what comes to them and flows from them, nothing disturbs them. Their heart is in submission; their love is for Allah Azzah wa jal. So when they pray, their prayer is purely out of love of Divine Presence, love for Sayyidina Muhammad and all those that are holy.


They come into our lives and they begin to point out that they can see what we can’t see, they sense what we can’t sense, because Allah is sending to them; that perfect that faith, perfect the faith of these people; that which they are bowing down to, is their possessions. They have these possessions, and you find them to be praying but they are actually praying to get more of those possessions. We think we are praying like this, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah (All thanks to Allah) because there was a raise and money came in, products came in and life is good. And then the example that the Divine gives is that, “look towards the prophets and saints and pious people, you will be tried as they were tried.” “And you will be tested with your life and your money and your family and with everything to see what your faith is really made from. So if they pull something from our life, do you find yourself praying as easy as you were doing before that? Or does it become more difficult at that time?


And they teach us that you hold dunya like this (holding prayer beads up), I guess their teaching is that: “We are people of contemplation,” so we go back and begin to contemplate what they are talking about. So, you hold your dunya like this (beads up), if today he (someone sitting beside) comes and pulls it (drops from hand), it falls. That means the heart is not attached to anything, it came, alhamdulillah, and if it went, alhamdulillah and still my connection, my focus is with my Lord. If sickness comes, I pray, if death and difficulty comes, I am praying, if wealth and poverty comes, I am praying and they take us to that level of perfection. And they want to point out to us, “That which you worship is not really Allah yet, so we are coming into your lives to bring that reality,” and that is what people don’t understand. So people go away saying, “Why are these people like this, why do they always ask for money, why are they always tearing down our goods and possessions, they make us feel uncomfortable for owning anything, for having anything.”


And they say; “No you are more than welcome to have whatever you like, you can enjoy whatever Allah Azzah wa jal is giving from the bounty.” But their duty is to come into our lives and balance what is in the heart and what is in your being. You can have many things, but they shouldn’t be entering into your heart; they should not be making you and breaking you. The only thing that should make you and break you is the Divine. If He is happy, we are happy, if He is sad, you can’t even breathe on your carpet. You don’t know how to repent and to seek His forgiveness.


So then they come into our lives and many of us have the same and many have slightly different (concerns). So they come into our lives and they begin to tug, to test you, “Do like this, do like that, give like this, give like that,” and then you find your dunya is not like this (holds beads up) but our dunya is like this (tight grasp on beads), and there is such a tug and pull to give from it, to walk away from it, to release ourselves from it, that, there is a burn mark on our hands (from keeping a tight grasp).


And this is the same in every aspect of life. We are not always talking about money, we are talking about everything. There are people who come and ask questions about difficulties in court, or difficulties in divorce, difficulty in relationship, difficulties in health, all of that when we are holding, and the shaykhs come and give us guidance that, “Submit, release it, don’t worry about it,” you take the medicine you have, if you have it, you don’t have to fret over it. Then you can’t even pray, you are stressed out about what you have to do, go to twenty different doctors to resolve it. What you have is what you have, sit down on your carpet and pray.

9:51 Holy Quran Say: “Nothing will happen to us except what Allah has decreed for us: He is our protector”: and on Allah let the Believers put their trust.


Then they begin to show us, ” Eh, you have a difficult time now,” so if they pull your money, you don’t feel like praying. “O I am very depressed, I can’t pray right now.” A death or calamity comes, “I can’t pray.” So then it wasn’t Allah that you were worshipping; it was these things. As long as the things are there, you say “I am good with you yaa Rabbee.” And then you keep praying to improve those things.


Then they come into our lives and take our health away. These are all just examples, because people may think: “O he just wants to talk about money,” Mawlana Shaykh says, “It is everything that we are attached to.” They take your health away and you become so depressed, you can’t pray. “Yaa Rabbee, I thought you promised me good health.” He says: “Who promised you good health? Look at all the prophets, they went through tremendous difficulties. Many saints were under unbelievable difficulties.

9:123 Holy Quran   Of their goods, take alms, that so thou mightest purify and sanctify them; and pray on their behalf. Verily thy prayers are a source of security for them: And Allah is One Who heareth and knoweth.


We were watching a very sad movie of a German nun, and they were in the habit of wrapping things around themselves with spikes and they don’t even show it. And when you look at them they looked normal and were always fasting, inflicting on themselves tremendous difficulty. They take a path of hardship, coming against their ego to make sure their worshiping is solely for the Divine and not for the pleasures of the flesh and body. And awliyaaAllah come and say, “Not even the pleasure of the soul.” Don’t worship Allah asking for Paradise. Say “Yaa Rabbee, if You throw me in hell, I will be happy, if You throw me in Paradise, I will be happy, whatever Your will for me, I am trying to be happy. Just grant me Your Holy Face.”


So they come into our lives and begin to pull all these things from us. Some people, when you pull from their money, they start to go crazy and they become extremely angry, unbelievable characteristics come out. A test of health, and they lose themselves, running around looking for a solution. How may people we know off that have been given the understanding that death is coming and they spend their last time searching for ten more days or sixty more days, instead of enjoying the sixty days that they have been told?


So then they come into our lives to bring these realities out to perfect our reality. So then they pull something from us and we have been through many tests with Mawlana Shaykh, that they pull all that and you find yourself saying, “I can’t pray.” And then you sit on your carpet and you start to realize that. “Why did that affect me?” Why the thought of losing that or all my tests that come, “Why is it affecting me?” And then in our consciousness we begin to realize that Allah Azzah wa jal is saying that, “That, was in your heart and that is why you were worshipping Me.” It’s like having a beautiful wife and you don’t know if she is with you for you or is she with you for the money? Or, having a husband and  that is the same (question). To Allah Azzah wa jal, Mawlana Shaykh is saying, “Its like ghairat “ in English it is “jealous.” At some point you are approaching very close, let’s see what really this love is?


So then they start to pull these different issues in our life. And lets see the level of submission, (if you say) “O I want to walk away from that contract.” If you can still pray and meditate then it did not affect your heart. And your Lord is pleased with you. “Don’t worry about this sickness and this difficulty, instead of running around like crazy trying to find a solution, just submit and see if you can still pray, then your Lord will be happy. And so then even your health is not in your heart, even your wealth is not in your heart, none of these things are in your heart, and really all that is left in your heart is My love.” And they begin to take us towards the perfection of our faith.

9:111 Holy Quran Allah hath purchased of the believers their persons and their goods; for theirs (in return) is the garden (of Paradise): …

And that is why then, when people come to tariqa, they don’t understand. They say, “O when I joined these guys, I lost my job, I lost my wife and my car.” I got a guy like that in Michigan, he said, “I lost my job and my car got re-possessed. I don’t know what kind of path this is, I am completely leaving it and I don’t ever want to see it again.”  And Mawlana Shaykh was saying that its not in tariqa, we are not a re-possession company, that as soon as you join in that we re-possess, but you are stepping on a path of reality and asking your Lord to perfect your faith. And your Lord is saying just like Sayyidina Ayub/Job (as), who had everything, “I will test him and I can always restore it, and give it all back at a later date, but as I pull it, I want to see the calibre and the quality of being that you are. If I pull something out of your life, you become completely crazy, lose your mind, become belligerent and an unbelievable characteristic? What happened to the softness, the love and the sincerity?” So without that testing we don’t know what we are made of.


And Allah Azzah wa jal knows what we are made off. But He wants to show us what we are made off. He says, “You keep thinking you are like this, lets open and take an inventory.” And then as soon as you open the self, what do we find? There is all shattered glass; that is this the stuff I was made off? “You tested me with this and I became angry. And as soon as you tested me with that” and I became sad. As soon as you tested me with this, I can’t even move towards my carpet to meditate, to contemplate and to pray.”


And then Mawlana Shaykh is teaching us, this is not tariqa. Tariqa is going to come and not because it is tariqa and to do it, but we are moving towards a perfection that the Divine is going to begin to pull these things from our life and see what you are made off and what you believe in. And as soon as that faith begins to perfect itself, it is the only thing that will save us.


So we were talking the other day after Jumu’ah, about the concept of fearing Allah. If we don’t pass this level, where Hasbun-Allah, Rabbun-Allah: that my faith and trust is in Allah, your Lord is Allah. It means He is in complete control of my life. If He puts it back in, I am trying not to be as excited as possible, but I am trying to be consistent. Without that perfection in life, then imagine a scenario that tomorrow on television they put out on the news that everybody is going to die unless they take this shot. They are debating what is fear of Allah? You say, “I don’t have fear of Allah, Allah is very loving.”


So consciousness of Allah is not necessarily fear, or to be punished, but to trust only in Allah Azzah wa jal, which is very difficult. It means in times of difficulty and severe levels of testing, when somebody comes and says: “O everybody is going to get sick. Everybody will have dog flu now, unless you come and take this shot, you are going to die in sixty days.” What happens at that time if the faith is not perfected?


They come back into our lives and teach us, “Did you think that that TV determines your life and your death?” Because it wants to, that one-eyed TV wants to control what you think and what you believe and then Allah answers back, “Is that the one that gives you life and death, or do I give you life and death?” But that is a faith that somebody has to have. We have to be tested through that to reach towards that. And, “Did you think that you have that sickness and they inject you with the dog’s shot, that you did not have to begin with, and they inject you with that, you are going to live? Or do I determine your life and your death?”


It means that these are what we are mentioning in the last days, difficulties are coming that need an unbelievable level of faith; where your faith and your trust is in Allah Azzah wa jal. Allah Azzah wa jal says, “You are not doing anything wrong, you don’t need to worry about it, recite on your water, that is enough for you. Don’t worry if you are to be alive, you are going to be alive. If you are to be dead, all the shots in the world won’t give you another day.” Because there are days of difficulties coming that people can’t imagine. The television and media is going to determine who is going to be living and who is going to be dying and who is going to be sick, because they operate, Shaytan operates through fear. Shaytan puts a fear and then grants you a solution. For people of Imaan, their solution is only Allah Azzah wa jal.


And that is why Allah Azzah wa jal says, “Fear no one but Me.” Not like in poetry or philosophy that I do not fear anyone, but the threat is real, the danger is real. “Yaa Rabbee, how am I going to reach to a level where I completely put my trust in You, when all sorts of craziness is around me? And how do I really know that You are the one who is going to heal me? All of this is really nice but do I really know you are there?” Then they begin to come into our lives and perfect that faith. They begin to pull all of these things that are in our heart, bring us down, collapse us, crush us, until that perfection of light begins to grow when we know we taste it, we feel it, we sense it and we smell it, and with a certainty you know it. At that level of yaqeen and certainty, is the only level of safety to reach towards that reality.

9:119 Holy Quran: O ye who believe! Be careful of your duty to Allah, and be with the truthful.


We pray that that reality opens for us, that Prophet (s) opens for us and the awliyaaAllah open for us, and the reason we repeat it, is so that we can repeat it to other people, because other people have a very superficial understanding of tariqa. And they say, “Why are they like this, why do they do like that, why is it that as soon as you join them everything collapses like this?” And you say: “Hey man, this way is very real. That is the exact proof its reality.” That as soon as you join them, the testing begins, it is not a poetry class and not a philosophy class from a professor at school. It is very real, the minute you step in saying I am moving towards that reality, Allah Azzah wa jal says, “It is accepted.” Now the testing begins, lets pull, what is that game that the kids have, where everything is built on these straws, Jenga. We have many games with the same name, where all this garbage is built on these sticks and they are there pulling these sticks from under us, pulling them out, pulling them out, pulling them out! Don’t worry if you loose too many sticks, Allah can add them back at a later time, it’s not difficult. But let us pull them out and see what this guy is made off? Is he sweet or he becomes sour and difficult?


So we pray that we remain sweet through our testing. And that Allah does not test us beyond our ability, and their madad and support always dresses us and that we are under their support and they bless us. And Sultan al-Awliyaa, Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim al-Haqqani, Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani, Mawlana Shaykh Adnan Kabbani illa sharafee Nabee sallahu alayhi wa sallam, wa aalihi wa ashaabi hil kiraam, illa tariqatun Naqshbandiyya khaasatun roohi Imaami tariqati gawthi khaliqati Khawaaja Bahaudin Naqshbandi Uwwaisi al Bukhari, madad al Shaykh Abdullah Faiz ad-Dhagestani, wa Shaykh Muhammad Nazim al-Haqqani, wa Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani, Shaykh Adnan Kabbani, Mawlana Shaykh Abdul Khaliq al Ghudjwani, Saahib az-Zamaan Sayyidina Muhammad Mahdi (as), ruhullah Sayyidina Isa (as), wa saairi wa sidiqeena al-Fatihah.

9:129 Holy Quran Now, if they turn away (O Muhammad) say: Allah sufficeth me. There is no Allah save Him. In Him have I put my trust, and He is Lord of the Tremendous Throne.