Secrets Of The Cave,

Realities of the Month of Safar,

The Power of Surah Al- Kahf-18.

 Secrets of the Month of Safar and to Enter into The Cave (Opening of #18)

Aoodhu billahi min ash Shaytani ‘r-rajeem, Bismillahi ‘r-Rahmaani ‘r-Raheem.

From The Teaching of Madad al-Haqq Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani (q). As Taught by Shaykh Sayed Nurjan Mirahmadi.


First Gate of 9 The first month of Muharram, where the gate of tawba where they are teaching the secret of aoodhu billahi min ash-Shaytani ‘r-rajeem; seek refuge, and open the reality of Bismillahi ‘r-Rahmaani ‘r-Raheem; seek refuge in the cave and be from the Ashaab al-Kahf.

But we have to enter through nine, so Surah Tawba (Chapter 9 of Holy Qu’ran), is teaching us that you have to make a repentance, you have to sacrifice yourself, repent and that at every moment our life is a repentance, that, “I am falling short, I am falling short, I am falling short. Forgive me, my Lord.” That, we are not claiming to be perfect, we are asking to recognize our faults and move into that reality.

 Surah 18:1 Praise be to Allah Who hath revealed the Scripture unto His slave,
and hath not placed therein any crookedness,


Then, the second month, Safar, opens. And they say Safar is a heavy month. It is the heaviest of the twelve months because it has the majestic dress of Hayba (emanations). They are taking these realities, and teaching these realities to us that in the timelessness of Prophet (s), he was dressed by twelve veils in the Divine Presence. And these emanations continually dress the light of Prophet (s) from the Divine Presence directly.

These are twelve veils, when you take a reality, from timeless and bring it into time, so then they are teaching us that if you relate those two, those twelve veils (relate) to the twelve months in dunya, because Allah Azzah wa jal has no time. When He is dressing Prophet (s), that is an eternal dress that is eternally dressing Prophet (s) with these twelve hijabs, these twleve realities.


So then they begin to teach us that in the second month, the second lunar month is the reality of nine plus nine equals eighteen. The secret of al-Hayaat (life on Earth), and Hayba and all these oceans of eighteen that are opening.

So you look at the eighteenth surah of the Holy Qu’ran which is Surat al-Kahf. So then they are teaching us that we entered from the Tawba moving to ashaab al-Kahf (people of the Cave). We are asking to enter into that Cave, to be dressed from the reality of that Cave.

Surah 18:9 Or deemest thou that the People of the Cave and the Inscription are a wonder among Our portents?

The Ashaab al-Kaaf are these big AwliyaaAllah { The Men of God/ Allah who ran away from the tricks and snares of Saytan and are Men in the Eyes of God/ Allah}.

There are seven in the presence of the one, and that one is Sayyidina al-Mahdi (as); the seven eternal realities that are being dressed by that reality and we are asking, “Yaa Rabbee, we are not going to be from those seven, but we are asking to accompany those seven,” to accompany the Ashaab al-Kaaf, and that is the Cave that we are asking to enter into. We are asking to enter into that reality and that is why the dress of Hayba begins to shake us and perfect us.

Surah 18: 10  Ith awa al fityatu ilaal kahfi faqaloo rabbana atina minladunka rahmatan

wa hayyi/ lana min amrina rashada

When the young men fled for refuge to the Cave and said:

Our Lord! Give us mercy from Thy presence, and shape for us right conduct in our plight.


With Allah’s Might and Majesty, how can we enter into that Cave with bad characteristics? So then, this month (Safar) comes and begins to cleanse and perfect us.

And we look to the right hand and our right hand is stamped with a “one” and an upside-down “V” which in Arabic (numerals) is eighteen 1/ . So then our right hand is stamped with that eighteen. Allah Azzah wa jal is teaching us that you have been created for that reality. You have been created to serve that reality; eighteenth

The eighteenth name of IsmAllah (Names of Allah) is Al-Fattah (The Opener).

Sayyidina Muhammad (s) is ar-Rahmah (The Compassionate), Nabi ar-Rahmah.

And Mawlana Shaykh’s teaching is that everything from the Divine Presence opens in a direction. And for us that opening has to dress Prophet (s), from Prophet (s) it dresses the other prophets, dresses the holy Companions, dresses awliyaaAllah and then dresses all of Creation. There has to be a direction through which emanations are flowing. So if we want al-Fattah, and we want the Attribute of the Opening, then Allah Azzah wa jal is directing us to be with Nabi ar-Rahmah. “Be with the one incharge of that Rahmah, who is the manifestation of that Rahmah, and he is Rahma tun ‘lil `alameen (Mercy for all Creations), Sayyidina Muhammad (s).”

Surah 18:13 We narrate unto thee their story with truth. Lo! they were young men who believed in their Lord, and We increased them in guidance.

So then they begin to describe that characteristic of Rahmah from the Cave and to be with Ashaab al-Kaaf, and to open that reality of eighteen, and to open that reality of good characteristics.

 The Cave of Mercy Surah 18: 16 Wa-ithi Atazaltumoohum wamaya budoona illa Allaha fa/woo ila alkahfiyanshur lakum rabbukum min rahmatihi wayuhayyi/ lakum minamrikum mirfaqa

And when ye withdraw from them and that which they worship except Allah,

then seek refuge in the Cave;

your Lord will spread for you of His mercy and will prepare for you a pillow in your plight.

Mawlana Shaykh is teaching that everything about that Cave is different than our dunya material life. Everything from the reality of Ashaab al-Kahf is different than what we understand in the material world. And all they are preparing for us, is to have patience; have patience with good characteristics, this life will throw many tests at us and all that we are being asked is to have good character during the testing.

If we can have good character during the testing, then inshaAllah Allah Azzah wa jal will save us and make us to be with Ashaab al-Kaaf and to move into the reality of the Cave and begin to open up the reality of the third month. And the third month of Mawlid un-Nabi is to be in the presence of Rahmah tun ‘lil `alaameen, celebrating that light and that reality.

We pray that in this month we be protected through difficulties and calamaties and that Allah Azzah wa jal will be happy with us, Prophet (s) be happy with us, awliyaaAllah be happy with us and guide us, and dress us from their lights and dress us from their blessings and that they take away our bad characteristics and dress us from characteristics that Allah Azzah wa jal is pleased with. So we pray we can move into the reality of that Cave inshaAllah.

Subhaana Rabbika Rabbil izzatim amaa yasifoon wa salaamun `alal mursaleen wa ‘l-hamdulillahi Rabbil `alaameen. Al-Fatihah.