Clean your Heart Before you Advise People

Companions Part 2

Eternal reality of Hazrat Uthman, Umar, Abu Bakr, Ali (as)


From the Realities of Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani (Q) as taught by Shaykh Nurjan Mirahmadi.


A’udhu Billahi Minash Shaitanir Rajeem
Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

I seek refuge in Allah from Satan, the rejected one
In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

If Allah ‘Azza wa Jal is not guiding, there is no guidance. Means that every ni’mat, every blessing we owe to our Creator for infinite Rahmah and Mercy upon our souls. That to take a path in which we try to negate our self, and to be nothing. That Allah ‘Azza wa Jal‘s Oceans of everything; Allah’s Rahmah and Mercy be upon us.

Seek that Which is Eternal, the World of Light

It is important always to remind myself and remind everyone, that this path of realities is based on malakut, based on the world of light and the supremacy of the world of light. That the world of light, when you take a path, will clarify everything and the world of form is an abode of fitna, is the abode of confusion and difficulty. If you take your path of only the world of form, you find yourself in every type of fitna, in every type of difficulty, in every type of confusion. What Allah ‘Azza wa Jal wants for us, and what Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) wants for us and they inspired us to take these turoqs (spiritual paths), to take the hand of these perfected and kamil guides. That seek the malakut (heavens), seek that which is eternal. Seek the light.

وَ قُلْ جَآءَالْحَقُّ وَزَهَقَ الْبَطِلُ، إِنَّ الْبَطِلَ كَانَ زَهُوقًا
17:81 – “Wa qul jaa alhaqqu wa zahaqal baatil, innal batila kana zahooqa.” (Surat Al-Isra)

“And say, “Truth has come, and falsehood has perished. Indeed falsehood, [by its nature], is ever perishing/bound to perish (The Night Journey 17:81)

If you take a path in your life in which you seek the light. Not speak of it but take the path of it; there a people who talk a philosophy but that’s not this place. It’s not only you talk the talk, but you have to walk the walk. You have to take a life in which you are moving towards that malakut (heavens). Means that in the way of reaching the heaven realities, everything from the world of form has to be brought down. Everything about the importance of the world of form has to be brought down, like a dust; all that is existing is an illusion and you bring its form down and to reveal its reality.

So means that when we took a path of reality and lights, it saves from every confusion and it illuminates the heart towards every reality. We have said before that: if we understand in the levels of the heart when we’re taking a path towards the heart, there are lata’ifs of the heart. There are subtle energies and realities that are dressing the heart. Awliyaullah come because this was the ark of the covenant.

Heart of Sayyidina Muhammad (saws) is the Ark of the Covenant

It’s the ark of the covenant, for Nabi Musa (alayhis salaam) was a box with Allah ‘Azza wa Jal‘s Holy Words. It was the placeholder until the Khatm and the Seal of Perfection arrives upon the earth, being Sayyiduna Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) and that Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) is the covenant of Allah ‘Azza wa Jal. Means the Muhammadan heart contains the covenant of Allah ‘Azza wa Jal and they are not in need of carrying a box around because you are carrying Allah ‘Azza wa Jal around: “Qalb al-mu’min baytullah“.

مَا وَسِعَنِيْ لَا سَمَائِيْ ولا اَرْضِيْ وَلَكِنْ وَسِعَنِيْ قَلْبِ عَبْدِيْ اَلْمُؤْمِنْ
“maa wasi`anee laa Samayee, wa la ardee, laakin wasi’anee qalbi ‘Abdee al Mu’min.”

“Neither My Heavens nor My Earth can contain Me, but the heart of my Believing Servant.” (Hadith Qudsi conveyed by Prophet Muhammad (saw)

قَلْبَ الْمُؤْمِنْ بَيْتُ الرَّبْ
“Qalb al mu’min baytur rabb.”

“The heart of the believer is the House of the Lord.” Hadith Qudsi

Allah ‘Azza wa Jal wants for those who are seeking a reality that, ‘I open My Presence within your heart and that your heart carries My Covenant and My Contract’. So then open your heart, purify your heart, perfect your heart.

Then all the tazkiyah (purification), all the training that the zawiyas have different than the masjid. We have said it many times, no disrespect: they are of a different reality, that the zawiyas have a masjid for praying but they also have masha’ikh (spiritual guides), who are the teachers of the tazkiyah. They come and they teach all these characteristics that are required to open that heart; and that you can’t find everywhere.

So it means they carry a khusos, they carry a specific recipe from Allah ‘Azza wa Jal, given to Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam), Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) given to the Companions; and the Companions, through their tree, have given it out into the tariqas (Islamic spiritual paths). Means that recipe of akhlaq (manners) and character is to clean the heart, to perfect the akhlaq (manners).

Seal Your Mouth, Your Opinion is Contaminated

When they teach that: don’t talk, don’t show yourself, don’t put your opinion into anything, because that opinion may be contaminated.  When you take a way of tazkiyah (purification), they teach you: first thing to do is put a rock in your mouth. Put a rock in your mouth because everything is coming from your mouth has to be held, to be observed. That when you are a patient coming to a doctor’s office, stay quiet ’cause you want to share but what in your heart may not be from the realities that Allah ‘Azza wa Jal wants to be shared.

So means that the turoqs (spiritual paths), they have a tremendous amount of discipline. They know from what knowledges they’re going to teach, what practices they are going to give, that they are going to focus an energy upon the heart. And if you want that energy to come into the heart then seal: seal your mouth because your mouth going to give everything away. The character that you contain within your mouth will reveal everything.

Sayyidina Abu Bakr as Siddiq Carried a Stone in his mouth for 7 years

Means then every sickness is going to come. That’s why Sayyiduna Abu Bakr as-Siddiq, 7 years carried a stone within his holy lips/mouth. Not because he is in need and anything bad was coming but, as a isharat, as an example for us. And what Allah ‘Azza wa Jal was dressing him of immense realities. This was not a regular stone, these were the diamonds of power, Seven of which are on this earth that awliyaullah face that reality to take a barakah (blessing) from.

Means that carrying that reality of [putting stone in the mouth] but as an example for us in life. That if you cannot contain the tongue and hold the tongue, Allah ‘Azza wa Jal says, ‘What’s in your heart is far worse’. If you think that what coming from your lips is difficult, imagine the immensity of the nifaq (hypocrisy) that is coming out of the heart.

So the way of tazkiyah, they are teaching is you put a cap. If you can put a cap on what coming from your mouth, like a fire, that every ghadab, every anger, every incorrect understanding coming from that mouth, if you are able to contain the mouth, control the mouth, then you can begin the tazkiyah of the heart. If you can’t control the mouth what is the purpose of the tazkiyah of the heart; because this is like a volcano. If it is coming out of your mouth out of control, then imagine the immensity of the fire because the way is based on how much you can control. [Shaykh is holding his hands, to show holding the fire].

When you Let Aggression Out, It Gains More Power

Some Western philosophy is: ‘No, let it out. When you are feeling aggressive get a pillow with your friend and beat each other with a pillow’. But you are letting an aggression out to gain more power. You’re letting a bad character out to gain more power. What Allah wants for us and the way of tazkiyah is suffocate it. Suffocate that bad character so that it receives no oxygen. Anything that you are able to suffocate, suffocate, suffocate, means hold that fire; don’t let that fire to come out. They say for 40 days, if you can handle and control a bad characteristic, Allah ‘Azza wa Jal gives you supremacy over it. Means He gives you an ability to control that characteristic. So means the tazkiyah then comes to wash and perfect the heart.

Your Heart Needs the Love of All Prophets

Then in the understanding of the levels of the heart, the Companions, because they have an eternal message. The prophets have an eternal message; the angels have an eternal message- means it solves everything. What people are fighting over religions, Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) teaching that: your heart needs all of the prophets. You are incomplete without the love of all the prophets. The levels and the reality in which Allah ‘Azza wa Jal want to bestow upon your heart, you need their love. Only with their love, they begin to convey into the heart what’s needed; otherwise how they are going to teach you if you don’t love them? It’s impossible. They are not forced by Allah ‘Azza wa Jal.


So means that you be with whom you love, the hadith of Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam).

الْمَرْءُ مَعَ مَنْ أَحَب
Qala Rasulullah ﷺAlmar o, ma’a man ahab.”

Prophet Muhammad (saws) said: “One is with those whom he loves.”

So Sayyidina Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) was teaching: expand your love, especially, love all the prophets; they have an immense message for the completion of your reality to be kamil (perfected).


Now the Companions of Prophet (saws), they carry a reality that makes the believer to be kamil. We said at the lata’if of the Qalb [First Station], which is the station of knowledge, is Sayyiduna Uthman al Ghani, Jami al Qur’an al Majeed (The Compiler of Holy Quran).

Holy Companions and the levels of the Heart

1. Sayyidina ‘Uthman (as) – First Station, Qalb (Heart)
2. Sayyidina  ‘Umar Farooq (as) – Second Station, Sirr (Secret)
3. Sayyidina Abu Bakr Siddiq (as) – Third Station, Sir Sir (Secret of Secret)
4. Sayyidna ‘Ali (as) – Fourth Station, Khafa (Hidden) and
5. Sayyidina Muhammad (saws) – Fifth Station, Akhfa (Most Hidden)

Allah’s Salam and Blessing is Already Upon Holy Companions

Without the love of Sayyiduna Uthman (alayhis salaam) – if Allah ‘Azza wa Jal’s Salam (Peace) not upon Sayyiduna Uthman (alayhis salaam), who’s His Salaam upon? Some people come and correct, ‘Why you say ‘alayhis salaam’?’ Allah ‘Azza wa Jal doesn’t say: “Salaamun qawlam mir Rabir  Raheem”? Allah ‘Azza wa Jal says “Salaamun hiya hatta matla al fajr“?

سَلَامٌ قَوْلًا مِّن رَّ‌بٍّ رَّ‌حِيمٍ ﴿٥٨
36:58 – “Salamun qawlam mir Rabbir Raheem. (Surat YaSeen)

“Peace,” a word from a Merciful Lord. (Holy Quran 36:58)


سَلَامٌ هِيَ حَتَّىٰ مَطْلَعِ الْفَجْرِ‌ ٥
97:5 – “Salamun, hiya hatta matla’il Fajr.” (Surat al Qadr)

“Peace it is until the emergence of dawn. (Holy Quran, The Power)

Allah ‘Azza wa Jal throughout Holy Qur’an is say, ‘I’m going to give you salams‘. If He is not giving the salams to Holy Companions, goodness, we are all in jahannam (hellfire). Means that the salaam is most definitely upon them, Allah ‘Azza wa Jal’s love upon them, Allah ‘Azza wa Jal reality dressed upon their divinely souls.

1. Sayyidina Uthman (as) – Jami’ul Quran (the Compiler of Holy Quran)

at the Station of the Qalb (Heart)

Uthman (as) teaches the Secrets of Holy Quran

The Jami al Qur’an (alayhis salaam) is coming and teaching us: ‘I am the compiler of Holy Qur’an’. That’s not something small. We were talking about it today at the lunch, you hear these things and you pass it. Means that in time of Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) there was no manifested kitab. So then what the reality of the soul of Sayyiduna Uthman (alayhis salaam) comes to give is that, ‘I was given the responsibility from Allah ‘Azza wa Jal by Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) to compile these papers into the Kitab (book). And not only that, but I was given all of its secrets to give the tashkilat[short vowels]. [You say tashkilat in Arabic- yeah the waw [fatha بَ  , kasra بِ ,  dammah بُ ] all these notes over each letter] .

All of those [short vowels] are the coding of the huroof (letters). The tashkilat, means that every huroofhas a code, right? If that huroof has a waw وُ [damma], awliyaullah (saints) come and teach you: that waw is from the oceans of Wadood (the Most Loving). That huroof and the sir and the secret of that huroof is carrying from Allah ‘Azza wa Jal’s Oceans of Wadood and opening a reality within that letter, within that word. What Allah ‘Azza wa Jal gave [to Sayyidina Uthman] – to bring how many hundreds of thousands of letters, to bring the whole of Qur’an, put it into a Kitab and then make all the tashkilats, all the codings. Superficially, they say, ‘No this was for non-Arabs to read’. No! This was his secret of encoding all of its haqqa’iqs. So it’s immense; immense. 

Without the love of Sayyidina Uthman (alayhis salaam) there is no dress upon the soul, no openings of the lights of Holy Qur’an; because Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) said, ‘You’ll be with whom you love’.

الْمَرْءُ مَعَ مَنْ أَحَب
Qala Rasulullah ﷺAlmar o, ma’a man ahab.”

Prophet Muhammad (saws) said: “One is with those whom he loves.”

So when the turooq come and teach: keep their love, keep their respect, keep asking, ‘Ya Rabbi, as You granted from their lights, grant to my lights, ya Sayyiduna Uthman, please dress me from your lights; dress me from Jami al-Qur’an. What Allah ‘Azza wa Jal dressed upon you, send the oceans of those lights upon my heart’. From malakut (heavens), they are teaching that: connect with the malakut and remember the world of light. Don’t be distracted by the world of form; it’s so temporary and this physical body is going into a grave and will dissolve. The soul, when it makes a soul connection, means that’s when all those lights are being conveyed.

They begin to teach: by making that connection, by making that love, by making that respect, those lights of Holy Qur’an from the Holy Companion- because if you love whom Allah loves, love whom Sayyidina Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) loves, now the conveyance begins to come into the heart.

So at the lata’if of the qalb is the station of knowledge. That means the madad and the support of Sayyiduna Uthman (alayhis salaam) must be upon the heart; the love and the respect must be upon the heart and he begins to give the coding. Means in darajat, who’s above? The Companions and then the angels. Malaikah (angels) are below the rank of the souls, insaan (human being):  “Wa laqad karamna Bani Adam“.

وَلَقَدْ كَرَّ‌مْنَا بَنِي آدَمَ…
17:70 “Wa laqad karramna bani adama…” (Surat al Isra)

“And We have certainly honored the children of Adam…” (Holy Quran, The Night Journey 17:70)

The angels are to support the souls. The souls whom Allah ‘Azza wa Jal blessed and dressed, the angels, they are serving them. Means that for Sayyidina Uthman (alayhis salaam) begin to give that nazar (gaze), then Sayyidina Jibreel begin to send that light upon the heart of the believer and all knowledges begin to convey from that lata’if al-qalb [First station]

2. Sayyidina Umar Farooq (as) – Who Differentiates Truth from Falsehood

at the Station of the Sir (Secret)

Umar (as) puts the Light of Haq (Truth) in your Heart, so you Oppose Falsehood

At the lata’if as Sir [Second Station] is the reality of the struggle. So then Sayyidina Umar al-Farouq (alayhis salaam): “Qul jaa al-haqq wa zahaq al-baatil.”

وَ قُلْ جَآءَالْحَقُّ وَزَهَقَ الْبَطِلُ، إِنَّ الْبَطِلَ كَانَ زَهُوقًا
17:81 – “Wa qul jaa alhaqqu wa zahaqal baatil, innal batila kana zahooqa.” (Surat Al-Isra)

“And say, “Truth has come, and falsehood has perished. Indeed falsehood, [by its nature], is ever perishing/bound to perish (The Night Journey 17:81)

If not for the love of Sayyidina Umar al-Farouq (alayhis salaam), that reality of struggling in Allah’s way, won’t dress the believer. Means the love and the respect for the Holy Companion, he begins to send from his station that ‘I am in charge of putting that light of haqq within you, that you stand for the truth, that you oppose every falsehood. That don’t let in falsehood. Truth and falsehood don’t come together, they don’t even mix’. That’s why the people of falsehood, they don’t even come into the proximity of the people of the truth.

Perfect Yourself, Before you Advise People on Right and Wrong

He begins to inspire within your heart; struggle in Allah’s way. Struggle in Allah’s way with all the falsehood that the believer carries within themself, not the falsehood of other people. Because they come and say, ‘Nahi wal munkar‘ [Forbid what is Wrong].

وَلْتَكُن مِّنكُمْ أُمَّةٌ يَدْعُونَ إِلَى الْخَيْرِ وَيَأْمُرُونَ بِالْمَعْرُوفِ وَيَنْهَوْنَ عَنِ الْمُنكَرِ ۚ وَأُولَـٰئِكَ هُمُ الْمُفْلِحُونَ ﴿١٠٤

3:104 – “Waltakun minkum Ummatun yad’oona ilal khayri wa yamurona bil ma’roofi wa yanhawna ‘anil munkari, wa olayika humul muflihoon.” (Surat Ali ‘Imran)

3:104 “And let there be [arising] from you a nation inviting to [all that is] good, enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong, and those will be the successful.” (Surah Aal Imran 3: 104)

They say no, no you have to say what is wrong’. Say, ‘No, you are incorrect. You have a misunderstanding of that ayat (verse) of Qur’an’. How can you correct someone who is wrong when you are still doing something wrong. You are a hypocrite. Allah ‘Azza wa Jal doesn’t want the advice of a hypocrite. Allah ‘Azza wa Jal wants the advice of somebody who’s correct in their belief, correct in their practices, that they struggled against themself, they destroyed all their bad characteristics and they are continuing to destroy their bad characteristics; the advice of that one has a weight with Allah ‘Azza wa Jal.

Don’t be Hypocrite

Means then when you struggle against yourself, struggle against yourself, the light of haqq begins to come. Many times they quote, ‘No, no- you should tell people when they are doing something wrong’; not if you are doing something wrong, not if you are in every bad characteristic: you are cheating, you are not praying, you are barely fasting, every kind of corruption and wrongdoing and you feel that it’s necessary for you to open your mouth and correct things. That is a munafiq (hypocrite). That, tareeqs come and teach: be careful of that characteristic. That’s not something that Allah ‘Azza wa Jal like at all. That’s why the stone was at the beginning: keep the stone on your mouth.

Allah is Not going Ask you about Other People’s Actions

Before you advise people, the greatest advice is to advise yourself. Why you are advising anyone; why you’re telling anyone? That’s why when you go to the other places, everybody has an opinion: ‘Akhi (brother), come up; akhi go back. Move your feet here, move your feet there’. Are you crazy? Is Allah going to ask you about salah or Allah ‘Azza wa Jal going to ask you about what you did last night, what you are thinking about right now in your salah? Why are you worried about where my feet are? Anybody who doesn’t take a path of tazkiyahif you don’t take a path of tazkiyah and purification… That’s what we were talking about earlier today. 

The shaykhs come and teach you: if you are going to take this path, busy yourself only with yourself. Don’t talk to a single person about anything they are doing wrong until you perfected everything about yourself. Because you have a grave and Allah going to ask you about your grave, not your neighbor’s grave and not your children’s graves. You can’t say, ‘I gave; they don’t have to give. I did, I prayed; they don’t have to pray’. They are going to have ‘azab (punishment) in their grave.

Means every person takes care of themselves, worry about themselves; purify yourself, perfect yourself. That becomes your biggest difficulty in life. Everywhere you go: ‘Oh how am I gonna stay quiet? How am I going to keep myself silent and how am I not going to make a comment? How am I not going to try to break anyone’s heart? How am I going to have the best of manners. When I come to visit somebody I’m a guest of them in their home.’ How can you enter somebody’s home and make a comment? It’s tark al adab; it’s against every adab. It’s against all, it shows all the bad manners and bad characteristics.

Focus on Fixing Your Character, instead of insignificant issues

That’s why the tazkiyah. That’s why the shoyokh take a path of tazkiyah and they teach their students: perfect yourself. Busy yourself only with yourself and bring yourself to a state of perfection. Those that don’t take a path of tazkiyah, their tazkiyah is every issue that you can’t even imagine; because they don’t want to clean themselves. So they want to go round and tell people: ‘There’s marshmallow in this.’  You say, ‘What?’ ‘There is marshmallow. Shaykh, these beans are not halal.’ The other one we get is gelatine!

‘The credit card is haraam (forbidden)! Don’t take house mortgage’. This is their tazkiyah. They don’t want to fix themself. They want to, to be distracted by things that Allah ‘Azza wa Jal going to find very insignificant in relationship to your character.

You think Allah’s going to ask you, ‘Did you pay your Citibank credit card? Wait right here’. Or does He have something more significant to ask you? Why did you cheat and steal? Why, when somebody gave you something, you stole it and you didn’t return it. Why do you beat your children and beat your wife, or beat your husband? Why do you have such an aggressive character? There are many much more significant characteristics that you should be worried about, the least of which is your Citibank credit card, the least of which.

If you fixed all of your character and your akhlaq, in which you feel confident that Allah ‘Azza wa Jal not going to ask you, ‘That you are praying and going to work, and cheating everybody’.  We watched the videos. Now in their country, they are selling them dog meat, pig meat, rat meat and saying it’s halal beef. What happened to tazkiyah? What happened to the nation in Hijaz [Saudi Arabia]? All over the world they are doing that. They think it’s not a big deal. They take some dogs and sell them as a halal meat. Then they come and tell you, those same people, ‘No riba!’ Mmm, you think [shaykh laughs], Allah going to ask you about the riba, or that you took dog meat and sold it as halal for people?

Means you can see what a corruption shaitan brought upon the people: they focused on all of these minor issues and they no way want to go towards the greater issue. The way of tazkiyah (purification) is that don’t speak about anything, don’t worry about what’s in the can of beans. If it says pork and pork feet and pork nose, don’t eat it. But busy yourself perfecting yourself. Take away all your bad characteristics and if you go somewhere and you see something incorrect, stay silent. Stay silent and correct yourself. Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) taught that: ‘Find 70 excuses for your brother’. He never said one of them was to go out and insult him and embarrass him in front of people. 

When you Perfect Yourself, Allah (aj) Gives you Knowledge with Wisdom

So means they come into our life and begin to teach, Sayyidina Umar al Faroq (alayhis salaam) teaching: struggle against yourself; take all the bad characteristics of yourself. Reach a state of perfection, then with a perfected character, when you advise people, they feel it from your heart to their heart and Allah ‘Azza wa Jal give you ‘ilm al la dunni wa hikmati bis Saliheen [Heavenly Knowledge and the Wisdom of the Pious Ones]. Without the two, you are very dangerous. You can be given an ‘ilm (knowledge) but no hikmah (Wisdom). No hikmah means you destroy everything, you harm everything, you insult everyone.

When Allah give a knowledge, he also has to give a hikmah on how to use that knowledge so that you can teach without anybody being insulted. There’s never anyone’s name is mentioned here. Somebody may come after, ‘Shaykh, were you talking about me?’ I say, ‘No, I wasn’t talking about you.’ You don’t name people; you are not here to insult and to harm and to hurt people. This is a nisah and and advice only for myself. You can’t go back to my shaykh and say, ‘He talked bad about me.’ I never mentioned anyone’s name; I’m never thinking about any one person. I’m thinking and reminding only to myself. That’s, “Qul jaa al Haqq wa zahaqal baatil.”

وَ قُلْ جَآءَالْحَقُّ وَزَهَقَ الْبَطِلُ، إِنَّ الْبَطِلَ كَانَ زَهُوقًا
17:81 – “Wa qul jaa alhaqqu wa zahaqal baatil, innal batila kana zahooqa.” (Surat Al-Isra)

“And say, “Truth has come, and falsehood has perished. Indeed falsehood, [by its nature], is ever perishing/bound to perish (The Night Journey 17:81)

Means that bring the haqq in your life and push away every falsehood. Reach a state of perfection. They begin then to send us to Sayyiduna Abu Bakr as-Siddiq (alayhis salaam).

3. Sayyidina Abu Bakr Siddiq (as) – Siddiq Mutlaq (The Absolute Truthful)

at the Station of Sir Sir (Secret of Secret)

Abu Bakr (as) Teaches Perfection of Iman – Give Everything for Prophet (saws)

Sayyidina Abu Bakr as-Siddiq begins to perfect the character, that, ‘When my two Companions dressed you, then Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) sending you to me to perfect your character. Give everything in the way and in the love of Sayyidina Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam)’; beause what was the focus of Sayyidina Abu Bakr as-Siddiq- was the stations of iman.

When Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) said, ‘we have a struggle. Bring me everything.’ Sayyiduna Abu Bakr as-Siddiq (alayhis salaam) brought everything. Everything of his life, he put at the feet of Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam), and Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) asked, ‘Ya Abi Bakr, what did you leave for your family?’ He Said:

La ilaha illallah, Muhammadun Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam).’

Naqshbandiyya is inheriting that reality: our father Sayyiduna Abu Bka as-Siddiq, the tariq e siddiqiya. Means it’s coming from the heart of Sayyidina Abu Bakr as-Siddiq, teaching that: make your life, that everything at the threshold of Sayyiduna Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam). As they taught you these knowledges that they are going to pour into your heart. Sayyiduna Umar al-Farouq going to support you with your struggle so that you always choose haqq and leave the falsehood of shaitan. Now that you are in my hands, I teach you how to love Sayyidina Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) more than you love yourself.

لاَ يُؤْمِنُ أَحَدُكُمْ حَتَّى أَكُونَ أَحَبَّ إِلَيْهِ مِنْ وَالِدِهِ وَوَلَدِهِ وَالنَّاسِ أَجْمَعِينَ ‏”‏‏.‏
La yuminu ahadukum hatta akona ahabba ilayhi min walidihi wa waladihi wan Nasi ajma’yeen.

“None of you will have faith till he loves me more than his father, his children and all mankind.” Prophet Muhammad (saws)

I pour within your heart the siddiqiyya love for Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) in which, ‘Ya Sayyidi, ya RasulAllah, labbaik (I am here at your service). I’m hearing Allah’s call in my heart for the love of you and I’m coming with everything. I have everything on the table in your presence; what is it that you want?’

Only People of the Spiritual Path Dedicate their lives to Da’wah (Invite)

That’s why you find only in the turoqs they live a life of selflessness. Only the turooqs, they dedicate themselves entirely for da’wah (invitation). That everything Allah ‘Azza wa Jal give to them is a means of da’wah (to invite). Every sustenance Allah ‘Azza wa Jal give to them is to put out websites, articles, magazines, papers, media, television- why? Because they want the world to have love for Sayyiduna Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam). Everyone else, they want to do something part-time; they want to come just the Friday and go.

Have Consciousness and Accompany the Truthful Servants

But they inheriting from Sayyiduna Abu Bakr as-Siddiq, where Allah ‘Azza wa Jal says, “Ittaqullah wa kullum as-sadiqeen.”

يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا اتَّقُوا اللّهَ وَكُونُوا مَعَ الصَّادِقِينَ ١١٩

9:119 – “Ya ayyuhal ladheena amano ittaqollaha wa kono ma’as sadiqeen.” (Surat at Tawba)

“O you who have believed, have consciousness of Allah and be with those who are truthful/pious (in words and deed).”  (The Repentance 9:119)

They are going to teach: have an immense taqwa, immense consciousness; understand yourself, and pray all night and day crying that, ‘Ya Rabbi, don’t let me to be a munafiq (hypocrite).  Don’t let me to say something to people and I know I’m not doing it myself’. At night they begin to cry. They cry in their salaah that, ‘Ya Rabbi, I know You are going to have a problem with me. If You call me to judgement, what am I going to answer to You? Ya Rabbi, grant me Your Najat, grant me Your Salvation, grant me Your Light’.

They are teaching: well have a taqwa. If you have a taqwa, then keep the company of these truthful servants so then if you love them, look left and right of you in life and see: are you keeping the company of truthful servants or do you keep the company of crooks and thieves and hope that you will be raised amongst the siddiqeen? That’s why, I think, they tell the children, ‘Show me your friends and I’ll tell you a little bit about yourself’. Why- Allah can’t tell the same thing? [Allah] says, ‘I can see who you’re hanging out with all the time’. You are not going to be from siddiqeen or sadiq, you are not going to be truthful.

Make your life that you eat, you drink, you pray with Allah’s truthful servants: truthful in deed and in character, not just the title they give themself, that their deeds are truthful and their character is truthful. 

This is Sayyidina Abu Bakr As-Siddiq teaching for us: if you look left and right in your life, that you are with truthful, pious people, you should be raised at the table of pious people, that when you take your last breath, you will be; you will be at that table that you spent your life in that association.

4. Sayyidina Ali (as) – The Gate of the City of Knowledge

at the Station of Khafa (Hidden)

Then, Sayyidina Abu Bakr as Siddiq takes us then to the hands of Imam ‘Ali (alayhis salaam). Imam ‘Ali (alayhis salaam) says that: ‘Now you are entering Madina, the City of Knowledge, and I am the one who takes care of the bab‘;

قَالَ رَسُولَ اللَّهِ صلى الله عليه وسلم “انا مدينة العلم و علي بابها

Qala RasolAllah (saws) “ana madinatul-ilmin wa `Aliyun baabuha.”

“I am city of knowledge and `Ali is the door.” Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

That city of knowledge is the Kawthar of Sayyidina Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam). All the Sahabi, they are around Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam), Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) is the center, he is the nuclues [points to AKhfa 5th Station in the chest]. The Companions are all surrounding to perfect the character to take you now to the presence of Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam):

Imam ‘Ali (as) Teaches you to Sacrifice your Bad Character

Inna a’tayna kal Kauthar; fa salli li-Rabbika wanhar.” Now you are at the baab of the one who’s going to teach you:

إِنَّا أَعْطَيْنَاكَ الْكَوْثَرَ‌ ﴿١﴾  فَصَلِّ لِرَ‌بِّكَ وَانْحَرْ‌ ﴿٢

108:1-2 – Inna ‘atayna kal kawthar. (1) Fasali li rabbika wanhar”(2) (Surat al Kawthar)

“To thee (O Muhammad) we have granted the Fount (of Abundance). (1)
So pray to your Lord…” (2) (Holy Quran, The Abundance)

Imam Ali teaches you: pray unto your Lord and live a life of sacrifice, because he stands with the Zulfiqar (Name of Imam Ali’s Sword). That, you want to enter into this baab, and you want to enter into the presence of Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam), live a life in which you sacrifice. Sacrifice your bad character, sacrifice all that Allah ‘Azza wa Jal has given to you; put it all and be nothing, put it all and be nothing. He comes and teach the way of annihilation that: annihilate all your bad character. If people are not willing to give up one bad characteristic and then they say that, ‘We are, we are Muhsen (perfected)’. They are coming and teaching: no, that put all these bad characteristics and sacrifice them.

Big Struggle is between the Head and the Heart

They teach put everything away for that love and we take you into that presence. But they teach that this head can’t go into that presence. If you are going to come with your mind into that reality, it will never open. Leave your mind for your business on how to do your accounting or whatever your rizq and sustenance; that head is only for that. The reality is based on the heart and then begin to teach what we have talked before: the head is going to fight the heart. The head occupied by shaitan. “Qalb al-mu’min baytullah”;

قَلْبَ الْمُؤْمِنْ بَيْتُ الرَّبْ
“Qalb al mu’min baytur rabb.”

“The heart of the believer is the House of the Lord.” Hadith Qudsi

Allah ‘Azza wa Jal says ‘Don’t listen to that shaytaan; he is not going to understand how to get into the House of Ar-Rahman‘ (The Most Compassionate).

Means everything at that time they are teaching: the head is going to continuously battle you, continuously battle you. The head is continuously saying things that: ‘No, no, no; don’t do this, don’t do that, don’t this’. Then the believers belief and struggle is between what their head is trying to think and what Allah ‘Azza wa Jal is pouring within the heart. Because they say, ‘You want to come to this Kawthar,’ but that head is going to block you. The head is going to give every doubt; every waswas (wispering) comes to the head. 

So that becomes the great struggle, that to negate the head, the first zikr for all the turooqs: La ilaha illallah [gestures from head to right of chest, then to left of chest]. La ilaha illallah [gestures again from head, to right of chest, then to left of chest] means don’ t use the head. And the light comes illallah [gestures to left of chest] means all light into the heart, there’s nothing but Allah ‘Azza wa Jal.

We pray that Allah ‘Azza wa Jal open more and more understanding for us

Holy Quran’s References to Companions and Levels of the Heart

1. Sayyidina Uthman (as) Teaches Secrets of Holy Quran – Human Kind are Honored

وَلَقَدْ كَرَّ‌مْنَا بَنِي آدَمَ…
17:70 “Wa laqad karramna bani adama…” (Surat al Isra)

“And We have certainly honored the children of Adam…” (Holy Quran, The Night Journey 17:70)

2. Sayyidina Umar Farooq (as)Destroy the Flasehood –

وَ قُلْ جَآءَالْحَقُّ وَزَهَقَ الْبَطِلُ، إِنَّ الْبَطِلَ كَانَ زَهُوقًا
17:81 – “Wa qul jaa alhaqqu wa zahaqal baatil, innal batila kana zahooqa.” (Surat Al-Isra)

“And say, “Truth has come, and falsehood has perished. Indeed falsehood, [by its nature], is ever perishing/bound to perish (The Night Journey 17:81)

3. Sayyidina Abu Bakr Siddiq Be with the Truthful Servants;

يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا اتَّقُوا اللّهَ وَكُونُوا مَعَ الصَّادِقِينَ ١١٩

9:119 – “Ya ayyuhal ladheena amano ittaqollaha wa kono ma’as sadiqeen.” (Surat at Tawba)

“O you who have believed, have consciousness of Allah and be with those who are truthful/pious (in words and deed).”  (The Repentance 9:119)

4. Sayyidina ‘Ali (as) – Sacrifice Your Bad Character

 فَصَلِّ لِرَ‌بِّكَ وَانْحَرْ‌ ﴿٢

108:2 “Fasali li rabbika wanhar”(2) (Surat al Kawthar)

So pray to your Lord and sacrifice” (Holy Quran, The Abundance)

5. Sayyidina Muhammad (saws) – Go to the Sultan Nasira – Presence of the King

 وَاجْعَل لِّي مِن لَّدُنكَ سُلْطَانًا نَّصِيرً‌ا ٨٠…
17:80 – “…waj’al li min ladunka Sultanan NaSeera.” (Surat al Isra)

“…and grant me from Your Presence a King to aid (me).”  (Quran, The Night Journey 17:80)


Subhana rabbika rabbal ‘izzati ‘amma yasifoon, wa salamun ‘alal mursaleen, wal hamdulillahi rabbil ‘aalameen. Bi hurmati Muhammad al-Mustafa wa bi sirri surat al-Fatiha.

[Special thanks to sister Saira and sister Hafsa for their help with transcribing this suhbah.]

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