Holy Quran 27:30 Inna hu min Suleiman wa inna hu

Bismi Allahi alrRahmani ar-Raheem

 Energy & Healing Islamic Sufi Meditations

Where to Begin Get The Power

Step 1

Secrets of Fusion with Your Divine Reality

Understanding Unity with guide to develop Energy and destroy

Bad Habits and sinful Character. Destroy negative shell around us.

Step 2

Power of The Hands   

Details on how to energize hands with Divine Names & Prophetic Names .

Power of Washing and Rubbing. Releasing energy

Step 3

Secrets of 7 Points , 9 Points & Spiritual Healing   

Where does the Energy come from and where is it distributed around the body.

Learning How to Ignite the 7 Points ( 2 more points for all 9 Points)

Then 5 point of the heart. There are over 360 points on humans.

Step 4

Opening the 7 Points of the Head a Gateway to the 9 Points of the Body:  

What are the main Chakras or Lataif of energy on the body , 

its protection and understanding harmful action. Power of The Sunnah

Step 5

Protection Against Evilness:

Defending Yourself Against Evilness , In His Dress is the Dress of Power.

Fana in the Shaykh is the Only way to have the Power of RasulAllah Dressing You.

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