Levels of the Heart

& Naqshbandi Secrets

The House of Allah is in the Heart of His Believer

Allah (swt) says, “Neither My Heavens nor My Earth can hold Me,

but the heart of My servant, the believer, is a house for Me.”

The Only Believer Who Reached to True Perfect Servanthood is Sayedena Muhammad (S). Thus His Heart Contains Allah, And Allah orders us if Sayedena Muhammad’s Heart is Allah’s Presence, Then You Must :

“…and sanctify My house for those who compass It round, or stand up, or bow, or prostrate themselves (therein In prayer). 


Shari at


Understanding of the Letters Allah – ALIF stands by itself and LAM LAM HA are together. This is the Standard for all creation, the Furqân or criterion for right or wrong. Allah is the Creator , Muhammad (s) is The Messenger.

Basic Islamic or Religious Knowledge



Allah (swt) says,

“Neither My Heavens nor My Earth can hold Me,

but the heart of My servant, the believer, is a house for Me.”

Understanding of The Heart: QLB- Qaf, Lam, Ba and the opening of the secrets of Lam Alif

Allah is now defining the Marifat: you must  direct yourself to My only complete believer, the only Perfect Creation, known as Muhammad RasulAllah.
He is the Perfect Believer in Soul and Physicality, and was granted an Ascension in Physicality to show Honor to His soul and to His Form. He is THE BELIEVER.

That is why Allah’s Zhaat or Alif is dressing the second Lam above . Each Lam is a kingdom:

Kuntu kanzan makhfiyyan, fa aradtu an ‘urif fa-khalaqtul khalq.

If you take the first letter which belongs to akhirah, the “Alif”, it is Llah {what is remaining  is creation}.
“ALIF” For Allah-
LAM”= Heavenly Kingdom, lam al-malakut {subtleties and Energies Unseen}, the kingdom of akhirah. If you take away the first lam, then
LAM”= Earthly Kingdom, second LAM which represents Earthly kingdom, {all Mass of Planets etc..} lam al-Mulk and earthly kingdom,

When you take away these two kingdoms what is left –

Hu”. = That means there is nothing except him. {Al-Hadi}
In between Alif and Ha, it means that between the beginning and end, the kingdoms of dunya and akhirah. 
That word “Allah”{ Value Alif=1 Lam=30, Lam=30 Ha=5 =1+60+5=66,}
{ 66th name of Rasul is Sayedena Haqq} is the Proof of Allah’s Greatness.

You Must approach Allah from the Ha – The Hadi – His heavenly guide, who is Sayedena Muhammad (s). Take Shahadah and direct yourself to The Muhammad Heart.

The Muhammadan Heart and Divine Presence is One:

Quran is Allah’s Ancient Word, Not-Created The Heart of Quran is Ya-Seen Surah 36 Ya-Seen is Sayedena Muhammad’s




Going Inside The Heart “The Qalb”:

Qaf – Lam – “Ba”

Qaf- Wal Quran Majid 50.1 Qaf: By the Glorious Qur’an . Allah’s Power oceans are powered by His Holy Speech which is Endless and Timeless. No Limit to His Power.

Lam -Lahut is station of Manifestation of the Divine Will, also the Lisan or Tongue of Truth.

From Allah’s Holy Speech QL-Qul is giving a where ness to the location of Allah’s Qudra.

Ba– Ba is for Bahr Qudra, or Oceans of Power. Allahs QL is directed to the Ba.

Going into the “Ba” The Basmala


  • 19 letters = 19th letter of Abjad is Qaf, and it is the 21st Arabic letter with Value 100.
  • Abjad Value of Bismala equals  786 adds to 21.

“Bismillah ir-rahman  ir-raheem”. Some scholars say that this phrase is a verse (ayah) that it was revealed by itself. Other scholars say that it is a part of the Fatiha. For this reason some schools of thought connect Bismillah ir-rahman  ir-raheem with the Fatiha when they pray. Others do not connect it but instead recite it separately. They do not consider it part of the Fatiha.

 Shaykh Isma`il al-Haqqi says:

“Kullu `uloom bil kutub al arba`a wa `uloomuha fil Qur’an.” – “It is said that all the knowledge that Allah gave to humanity in this universe is found in the four holy books: az-Zabur (Psalms), the Taurat (Torah), the Injeel (Gospel or New Testament), and the Holy Qur’an”.  

  • “Wa `uloomul Qur’an bil Fatiha.
  • Wa `uloom ul-Fatiha bil-basmala.
  • Qad `awda Allah jam`iyyal ‘uloomi fil Ba bi Bismillah ir-rahmaan  ir-raheem.” – “and the complete knowledge of the Holy Qur’an is contained in the Faatiha.
  • And all the knowledge in Fatiha is contained within the Basmala (Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Raheem).
  • And all the knowledge in the Basmala is contained in the letter ‘ba’ (harful ba).
  • The wisdom of the other three holy books is in the Holy Qur’an, the Essence of which is in the Fatiha whose meaning is contained in the Basmala.”

 BA- And the Bahr Qudra- Spinning Universes, Oceans of Power

It is said that all the knowledge that Allah (swt) revealed was placed in the ‘Ba’, the first letter of Bismillah ir-rahmaan  ir-raheem.

Allah said, “Bee kaana wa yakoon” – “In Me, i.e. through My Power, all came to be and all is continuing in existence.”

  • Bi is formed from two letters ‘Ba’ {2}and Ya’.{10}{ = 12 or Completion, 21 in Akhira }
  • And He said, “Bee kaana ma kaan wa bee yakoon ma yakoon.”

The letter ‘Ba’ is like a ship with the dot, ‘nukta’, under it.

  •  ‘Ya’ refers to Allah (swt). With Me (“Bee”) what will be, will be – whatever happens, happens, and what was, was. {Come back to the Bahr Qudra}
  • That is a small understanding of the saying that all knowledge is contained within the ‘Ba’. That is why the first letter of the Holy Qur`an is the ‘Ba’.

Shaykh al-Haqqi says, “The existence of all the universes and all within them is in the ‘Ba’.” This is because the ‘Ba’ is with Allah (swt).” It is He who brought that letter.  With that ‘Ba’ He created all the universes. Someone said, “Maa nadharru shayan illa wa r`aytullaha feeh” – “I never look at something without seeing a sign of Allah (swt) there.”

It is related that the Prophet (s) said, “The night that I ascended to Paradise, the four rivers of Paradise were beneath me: one from water; one from milk; one from wine and one from honey. I asked Jibril (as), ‘Ya Jibril (as), from where do these rivers come, and where do they go?’

He said, ‘All of them go to your Pond, Nahr ul-Kawthar, but I do not know where they come from.

If you want to know, Ya Muhammad (s), ask your Lord, and He will teach you.’ I asked, ‘Ya Rabbi, from where do they come?’ An angel came and greeted the Prophet (s) and said, ‘Ya Muhammad (s), close your eyes.’ Then he said, ‘Open your eyes.’

The Prophet said, “I opened my eyes, and found myself by a tree, with a white dome of pearl, and a door of red gold. I saw all of universes that Allah has created, with the jinn, animals and human beings and that dome was able to carry them all, and it was able to carry still more. The dome was made from a single pearl. A normal pearl is so small that it must come from a big ocean. Allah (swt) showed me that all these universes that were put on that dome were like birds sitting on a mountain. I saw the four rivers coming from under that dome.

“When I began to return, the angel said to me, ‘Why don’t you go inside?’ I replied, ‘How can I go inside when the door is locked and I don’t have the key for it?’ The angel said, ‘Ya Muhammad (s), the key to that lock is <<Bismillah ir-rahmaan  ir-raheem>>, so say it.’

So I approached, and I said, ‘Bismillah ir-rahmaan  ir-raheem’, and the lock opened.

  • I entered and saw four rivers coming from the four sides of the dome.
  • Written on the top of each side of the dome was ‘Bismillah ir-rahmaan  ir-raheem’.
  • The River of Water was flowing from the letter ‘Mimof Bismillah.
  • The River of Milk was flowing from the ‘Ha of Allah (swt).”
  • “I saw the River of Wine coming from the ‘Mim of the word ar-Rahmaan.
  • I saw the River of Honey, coming from the ‘Mim of the word ar-Raheem.
  • MHMM “Muhamma” mean spinning ocean of power

I knew then that the source of these four rivers is the Basmala from Bismillah ir-rahmaan  ir-raheem. Allah said, ‘Ya Muhammad (s), if your ummah comes to Me and asks Me with a a pure heart, without arrogance, and they begin with Bismillah ir-rahmaan  ir-raheem I will allow them to quench their thirst from these four rivers.’”

  • The water represents…. Life
  • The milk mentioned here symbolizes innocence and knowledge, as the letter ‘Ha’ denotes Hu and refers to the absolute unseen, the absolute innocence that no one knows [except the Prophet].
  • That is why the Prophet (s) said, “Human beings are born innocent.” Like a child submitting to his father. If one surrenders to Allah (swt) like a child surrenders to his parents, Allah will grant him everything.
  • The wine here represents…Sustenance Food, Water, The air we breath.
  • The honey represents… Shifa and  Shafa Healing and Intercession for day of accounting

A Hadith relates that a Du’a will never be rejected by Allah (swt) when it begins “Bismillah ir-rahmaan  ir-raheem”.

Now The Quest is Directed to The Bahr Qudra or “Ba”

Shaykh al-Haqqi says, “The existence of all the universes and all within them is in the ‘Ba’.” This is because the ‘Ba’ is with Allah (swt).” It is He who brought that letter. With that ‘Ba’ He created all the universes. Someone said, “Maa nadharru shayan illa wa r`aytullaha feeh” – “I never look at something without seeing a sign of Allah (swt) there.”

The Keys to Jennah are BismiAllah Al-Rahman Al-Raheem:

Oceans of Bismala

Order 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1



Abjad Value

























7+8+6 19 14 12 3
21 1 5 3 3
1+5+3+3= “12”
1+2= “3”



In the first Revelation received by Muhammad from Allah through Jibraeel () was

“Read: In the name of your Rabb…”

[Quran: Al Alaq Chapter 96]

Read what? Read Bismi Rabbik.

The verse points to the letter Ba ( ).

  • Read: Ba (), Seen (), Meem (), Bismi.

  • { Ba is Bahr Qudra,

  • Seen is Ya-Seen,

  • Meem is Muhammad= thru Sayedena Muhammad enter to His Heart Named Ya-Seen to get back to Bahr Qudra}.

Now The Journey to the “BA” must be

Thru ” Seen”, Heart of Quran

“Seen” is the Sir, Secret

Ya-Seen is His Name

You must first go through

“Meem”, Sayedena Muhammad {s}

Bi Hablillah – He is the “Rope of Allah”

Between Ahad & Ahmad is




Reality of Sayedena Muhammad {s}

Opening the Understanding of Lam and fusion with Alif

“I was Hidden Treasure and Wanted to be Known”

Allah Known Thru Lam

Lam in Existence by the Alif

Secrets of 11 and Divine Mirror

Lam Alif

All Creation is from the Double Helix in the DNA – Secrets of Divine Fusion

DNA is Dunya Dal Noon Ya Alif = 65 ha-5 waw-6 Hu is 65

65= 11 the Divine Mirror



two branches of Lam-Alif meet then separate.  

{Holy Quran 18.60 Behold, Moses said to his attendant, “I will not give up until I reach the junction of the two seas or (until) I spend years and years in travel.”}

ALR- Al-Rabb

HM-Haqiqat Muhammad { Hay- Life, Muheet- All Encompassing}

N- Nur Light






Opens and becomes 

Alif Lam Fa

{Alif Essence, Lam Creation, Fa Fatiha or Opening}


Qaf -wal Quran Majid

Quran not Created

Secrets of Laylat Qadir and The source of Energy

Sayedena Muhammad (s) Has Anciently Spoken Allah’s Holy Quran

Sayedena Muhammad (s) Has Eternally been RasulAllah. Heavens created first and there is no time in the Heavens.

Eternity is a circle with a beginning and an end. We may not know it’s point of origin or ending .

Allah is Infinity No Beginning No End Linear Like Alif

Allah Describes Sayedena Muhammad (s) is Surah 53. 53 is Ahmad Alif 1 Ha 8 Meem 40 Dal 4 – 53.

Surah 53 is teaching us that Sayedena Ahmad (S) is the Star of this universe,  Its Center Point, a star is a source of light.

As the sun is the Center of our Galaxy

The Center of the Entire universe is a Star Millions of times more powerful than the Sun.

Najm Thaqib is one Sayedena Muhammad’s names, “the Piercing Star “.

53.1 By the Star when it setteth

53.3 Nor does he say (aught) of (his own) Desire ,

53.4 It is no less than inspiration sent down to him

53.5 He was taught by one Mighty in Power

53.9 And was at a distance of but two bow-lengths or (even) nearer;

53.18 For truly did he see, of the Signs of his Lord, the Greatest!

53.62 Faosjudoo lillahi wao AAbudoo

Above Image Shows to Two Bow Length or Nearer and The Divine Mirror

Huwa Ahmad Facing Huwa Ahad

Since the Time of His Creation no beginning no end to

the Kalima La Ilaha IlAllahMuhammad RasulAllah

La Hawla wala Quwwata ilah bi llah

al-Alee al-Azeem