Playing With Jinns and Sprits

From the teachings of Mawlana Shaykh Hisham as taught by Shaykh Sayed Nurjan Mirahmadi

From Mawlana Shaykh’s teaching, always a reminder for those that are coming to open their heart and open these realities not just the physicality but to taste from the spirituality, taste from these energies, that the power of the zikr is real, and the meditations are real, and that this way, this deen of Allah (SWT) is extremely real, extremely powerful. It is filled with taste, filled with fragrance and filled with energy. And they come and remind us that it is in stages, and until those stages are met then they don’t trust any other opening.


So then there is the stage of sami`na wa at`ana, or itibaah, and it means the stage of the ears being open first and then the eyes of the heart. The physical eyes don’t know what type of illusion can fall upon the eyes. And that is why they say this material world is like a magic show, anybody can do something for you in the physical realm, they can make things levitate and make them disappear! But we are talking about the ‘eye of the heart’ that cannot be cheated, the real baseerah. AsSámi al-Baseer, means the order in which tariqa teaches that opening is that the sami has to come first; sami`na wa ata`na has to come first, the siffat of sami`na, Allah (swt) is going to open from the Attribute of Hearing. So then tariqa comes to train us on itibaah, on following the teachings and guidance. By following that teaching and guidance Allah (SWT) opens the Oceans of Sincerity.


As soon as this Ocean of Obeying opens, then the ocean of the heart begins to open, it means the spiritual vision begins to open. If there is no sámi, then there is no baseer. There are people who claim that they see but they have not been trained by anyone in sámi, listening and obedience; the training of itibaah has not been signed off by anyone, that they have signed their submission and that they have accompanied, they have apprenticed with them, that we are acknowledging their level of submission through tremendous amount of trials, tremendous amount of testing and there even has to be minimum forty day observation. It is like someone coming and saying that they are a doctor but nobody knows where they got their residency, it’s impossible.

Tariqa has a very strict discipline; they don’t trust the visions of anyone who has not entered the Ocean of Obedience. Anyone who has only obeyed themselves is very dangerous. It means they have not accompanied anyone. And, this accompanying has to be for years. Again, like an apprentice, how many years did you accompany that shaykh? And what you went through? And was that shaykh kamil, a perfected shaykh? Did you accompany them, and eat with them and drink with them? And then were you sent to seclusion? And, that seclusion is by Divine Order, and by order of Prophet (s), and then through the awliya. Ati ullah wa ati ur-rasul wa ulil amri min kum. And then, through the forty day seclusion, again lots of testing, lots of squeezing, lots of crushing and then they come out and say, “This one is obedient.” Again, there are darajaats of obedience. You can’t say that you are obedient like the king of awliya, it’s impossible. That Level of Obedience is unimaginable. It means they are in degrees of submission.


So then they remind us that unless we take a path of submitting the ears, where that requires accompanying the teacher, because as soon as you are going to take a path of submitting the ears, means they are going to train you to cut-off (using) your eyes; don’t use any vision with them; don’t talk to them about what you see; don’t tell them about your dream, they don’t care about anything because now your dream is all influenced by the ego. If you eat something spicy, you will see yourself do something crazy. You did something else and you say, “Okay I had a dream that I am walking in Heavens,” or “I am walking on the oceans,” this is all from the ego. They are not interested in the dream world.

All they are interested in is itibaah. Why does he have such a difficult time listening and following? But then you talk of seeing this or seeing that, it means it is all illusionary. Your mind is making it up, the ego is making it up, and shayateen are playing with you. There are many, many different things.

When itibaah is the law of tariqa, and the law of what Prophet (s) sent to his Companions. Because Prophet (s) is the master of that formula and awliya are taking from that example. So then Prophet (s) went for Mi`raj, and this was mind-blowing for the Companions but they said, “Sami`na wa ata`na; if you say it, we hear it and we obey it,” and they lived their whole life in obedience. Again to the level in which wherever they saw Prophet (s) walk, they walked. Even when Prophet (s) wasn’t with them, they heard he went around the rock like this, they would get off their camel and walk exactly like him around the rock. And they did that and Mawlana Shaykh describes later they did that to perfection and as a result of their sincerity in listening and following and taking the qadam of Prophet (s) to be qadam assidiq, they were seeing; they began to see the light wherever Prophet (s) walked, in whatever Prophet (s) did; it left traces of light. So it means their baseerah, their heart was opening. It only opens by the Ocean of Listening.

So then the schools of tarbiya are to teach the manners and the Way of Listening. And in that school they begin to teach you that don’t talk about seeing when we haven’t seen the evidence of your listening. So then everything is going to be based on listening. Because many people are coming with many different things attached to them, many different philosophies, many different shayateen, and many different energies and until they can see the Ocean of Submission where you are locking your ear into what is being said.

With this formula of listening it means now you have taken a physical hand because the shaykh is trying to teach that their way is not to trust what you think you are seeing especially in the presence of physical teaching. So as soon as you take the hand of a physical teacher, and this is an example: if I am holding your hand then why do you have to use your vision? Your so-called ‘vision’ when the hand is here and, “I am right in front of you, ask, ask, ask.” You say, “No, no I don’t want to ask you, I like to listen to myself.” So then I am in the oceans of illusions, I make up these illusions and I follow these illusions. Tariqa al-adab, it is against all the adab of tariqa, how can you turn yourself ‘on’ in the presence of the teacher? You have to train yourself to turn ‘off’ and don’t ever mention anything about what you think you see, or the dream that you saw, it means nothing to the teacher.

If they can’t see that your ears are listening to two minutes without commenting or putting your opinion and saying, “No, I saw this,” or “I saw that.” If your ears have not submitted, are you now saying that your higher level, the heart, has submitted? And Allah (SWT) has opened your heart but didn’t open your ears? So do we put aside the example of Sayyidina Muhammad and they should open a different example for you? It’s crazy.

That is why tariqa comes and says, “No, we are Ahlul Sunnah, we follow exactly the way of the Prophet (s).” Some people think it is physical following, yes we are following that and we are following spiritually. Prophet (s) had to lay that foundation and based on that foundation the turuq are coming right behind, they follow completely in Shari`ah, wajib altaqleed, means you have to be from the tabi`een and tabi ‘t- tabi`een, means you have to be with those who were with those, who were with those, in that ocean there is a whole understanding of listening.

Allah (SWT) says and Prophet (s) is teaching: it is adab now of the Amir: when there are three of you, elect an Amir. Now this is taqleed and itibaah, the following, and when you follow he is like your sultan. So when Mawlana Shaykh is saying the Prophet (s) said, “You can never come against your Amir,” it is a big shake and we have that throughout Islamic history.  They tried to come against the Companions in the time of Prophet (s). Prophet (s) said, “I made this one to be the representative.” They would go out for a battle and come back and say, “We disagreed.” And he scolded them and said, “Never come against the one who is the Amir.” Otherwise we live life by anarchy. And there is no anarchy; everything goes back to obedience and following. It means that opens up a whole other reality, that Amir is like a king, and it is something that Prophet (s) said, “You can’t come against.”

Once you have a reverence and an understanding that you are under that dominion, then everything within your being begins to learn how to submit, submit, submit, especially when you remind yourself that it is a training facility. “Ya Rabbee I am asking for my real heart to open,” and that heart doesn’t open without the ears in submission for Allah (SWT). So the master of that submission is Sayyidina Ya-seen; ‘yaa’ for yaqeen, ‘seen’ he is the master of asSami. It is because he hears to the complete perfection of Allah (SWT) and he talks for Allah (SWT). That is why the darajaat of Prophet (s) is what it is, he is the master of ya-seen, means Allah (SWT) is telling us that nobody hears me to the perfection of Sayyidina Muhammad (s): “All Creation line up and listen, he is going to hear from Me and he is going to talk from Me.”

So the one who hears with perfection speaks for Allah (SWT), and speaks for Prophet (s), and speaks for awliyaullah, it is the same inheritance. It is not the one who sees, because if you are not submitting (through the ears) you could be seeing anything, you could be seeing shayateen. If you watch these videos about people who are dealing with spirits and they think they are dealing with angels because they are not in the Ocean of Submission. But they keep going through their eyes and they don’t know what these eyes are seeing of illusions and they don’t know what types of beings are trying to talk to them or inspire them. Are those beings believers, or un-believers?

Even within the room of believers, look at this room now of believers, everyone is at a different darajaat, so would you take everything they say from their mouth as holy? No. Imagine then the jinn who are filling the room here, if anyone of them attached themselves to you and began to teach you, you would think: “O these are malaaika, spirits talking to me.” No, it’s very deceptive and you can quickly fall into difficulty especially when you find out that spirit is constantly coming against the shaykh who is the Muhammadan representative. It means today he comes against one shaykh, then the other, then all the way to the Prophet (s).

So then it is the whole Ocean of itibaah and why they send people to the centers. It’s because Allah (SWT) wants their ears to be opened, not their eyes. Their eyes carry illusions; you can see whatever you want in the imaginary world; you can sit behind a computer and start to visualize that you are walking through the Seven Heavens and it could all be based on bad desires but the most difficult is the Ocean of Submission because that is a hand on your head, “I don’t want to listen to everything he says, I want to listen to myself.” At least at that time you know that you followed your hawa, you followed your desire.

If the people from the Ocean of Submission do not listen to the shaykh one day, by the second and third day they are panicking. They know that all around them, like iron curtains are going to close upon them because everything has opened by their sincerity, in their obedience to following the shaykh. At any moment anything can be cut, and everything begins to cut and get closed in their lives. If something hasn’t opened for them, what do they care how much it is cut, already we were far away. That is the difference, those that are sincere their life support is flowing through that sincerity. They breathe from that energy, they see from that energy, the knowledges that are flowing from them is like the Kawthar running from the shaykh, running from the Prophet (s) to the Ahlul Bayt and running from them to the Ashaab an-Nabi and to the awliyaullah, it is like a stream from the Kawthar and it is flowing into them and giving them permission to speak. If they become disobedient and have no itibaah, and the shaykh says something and they say “No,” or the shaykh says something and they say, “I disagree,” or if the shaykh says something and they say, “O I have a different opinion,” immediately that door slams and you feel like you are better off to jump off the bridge because you are abtar, you are cut from us, cut from who? You are cut from Prophet (s)’s presence because you violated the relationship with his representative. So who did you come against? You came against Prophet (s). Who did you come against? You came against Allah (SWT).

It means the Ocean of Obedience is so much more difficult, far more difficult than people who think in the illusionary world. We see this all the time: “Ah, I am seeing this,”  “O shaykh I see these colors and these numbers and I see this and that.” Okay, then sit and practise learning, practise asking questions, “Can I do this or do that?” And you say, “No, you can’t do that,” and you see that in five seconds they run, because every desire they wanted to follow was from their own desires. This Ocean of Submission is a very difficult ocean.

So the shaykh is inspired by his shaykh, and he is inspired all the way up from Prophet (s) who then says, “For that servant there is no need to do that,” to make Allah (SWT) happy. If you want to do then you are making yourself happy. If you live a life continuously pleasing yourself at some point Allah (SWT) will turn His Holy Face and say, “Enough, all you are interested in is pleasing yourself. You are not here to submit to Me, you are not here to serve Me and you are not here to please Me.” So they fear that, “Yaa Rabbee don’t turn Your Grace from us, don’t turn Your Nazar and Lights from us,” because if Allah turns then who else turns? Prophet (s), the rahmah of Ramatan lil `Aalameen stops flowing. It means their whole wujud/being would never take anything like that and that is why they have taqwa. They have taqwa because their heart opened, they listened and their ears submitted and Allah opened their vision. And from their vision opening, their breath opened, and the Oceans of Power, from asSami alBaseer `alim alQadeer, it means from the submission of their ears Allah (SWT) begins to open their eyes, and as soon as their ears are submitting that means they have yaqeen in submitting they begin to witness what Allah wants in their darajaat.

Then Allah (SWT) begins to throw through their tongue Allah’s ancient knowledges’ because siffat `al-`Aleem is dressing them. And because of `aleem and the knowledge flowing from them, they are in the oceans of Qadir, Allah’s Quwa, power. If that knowledge is not flowing there is no power, the sign of the knowledge is that they are in Allah (SWT)’s Oceans of Power. Otherwise it is like a school professor, just talking rubbish, he doesn’t know what they are saying and he keeps talking and everybody is passed out there and doesn’t know what he talked about. But those realities keep flowing through the tariqa, through the shaykhs which means he is in the Ocean of Allah (SWT)’s Power. It means these are the realities that we are seeking to open, at least these are the realities of tariqa.

Why do people come? Everyone has their own reason. And what people want to do, everyone has their own reason. But to teach from these realties that this is what they want from us; they want the ears to submit and everything else shuts off, they don’t care about it and they don’t trust it and don’t want to deal with it; it could be jinns, shayateen, nafs or desires. Everything may try to influence that person. As we said before that if a jinn attaches itself to you and begins to send its energy onto you, you will think you are seeing things, and oh! it opened for you. No, it didn’t open for you; it opened from their energy to dress you and begin to show you from how they see. The signs of that is the energy they begin to impose on your physicality, and unless the physicality is trained to contain them, it begins to hurt because they are electrical. If they attach themselves you feel very uncomfortable, you feel very cold at times, and you feel very hot at times, because their energy- they are not balanced- and they are not coming authorized to put their energy upon you. And if you are not trained to receive that energy they keep manipulating. So people often get sick and have different types of problems, different types of colds, hives or fever, whatever it is because these energies are attaching themselves.

So then the discipline in this way begins to teach us: detach from all of that, we are not interested in playing with jinn or genies or playing with spirits, we are here for the Ocean of Submission. In the Ocean of Submission all that is necessary is the madad of awliyaullah. When they see the submission, and seek the perfection through their madad, it means they begin to accompany you. As soon as they accompany you, if you need something, their energy is immediately there and they are the trusted ones. When they accompany, a trusted one accompanies you, it means you are safe. When an unsafe person accompanies you, you don’t know what is going to happen, that person can be ins/human or jinn, it could be any type of energy because we are not seeing to perfection; we don’t know what type of energy that is.

It means they are teaching the way of perfection when you divorce yourself from this. We said in Naqshbandia they do not have three talaqs, but six talaqs from miraculous understandings; they don’t show miracles, and they don’t lock into this type of relationships because that is from miraculous relationships. They gave six levels of talaq that they would divorce themselves from this type of behaviour. Many other people as soon as something starts to happen they attach themselves to these beings and then the being comes and says, “I can tell you the lottery numbers. I can tell you your future. I can talk to the other beings from my clan,” and that is how they do fortune telling and how they do all these other fitna and difficulties.

And in this day where Dajjal/Antichrist and all these negative forces are coming, that is the most dangerous ocean to be playing with because as they say, “When you play with fire, you get burnt.”

So then tariqa comes to bring the perfection of character and that perfection is in the ears. The ears submit completely in the Ocean of Submission, turn everything off, when they see that submission is there, and then they begin to send through their madad. And through their madad they begin to open the vision. And at that time the vision can be trusted, because it is through their chain, that whole authorization to the door of Prophet (s).

Subhaana Rabbika Rabbil izzati amma yasifoon wa salaamun alal mursaleen wal hamdulillahi Rabbil `Aalameen.