A`oodhu billahi min ash-Shaytaani ‘r-rajeem, Bismillahi ‘r-Rahmaani ‘r-Raheem

Ati `ullaha wa ati `u ‘r-Rasoola wa ooli ‘l-amri minkum.

Obey The Divine, obey the Prophet, and obey those in authority among you. (4:59)


Alhamdulillah always asking: Ya Rabbee to keep this association to be under the flag of laa ilaha illa-Llah Muhammad Rasulullah (s) and our beloved Sultan al Awliyaa, Sultan of Naqshbandi Tariqa, Shaykh Muhammad Nazim al Haqqani and his representatives; Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani and Shaykh Adnan Kabbani, and they are the Shaykhs, they are the guides they are the perfected beings means as much as The Divine azzahwajal can perfect insaan, it is our belief, it is my belief, that they are perfected, al-insaan al-Kamil. They are a perfected reflection of the reality of Sayyidina Muhammad (s).


AwliyaaThe Divine they become Awliya, they become saints because of that love, love for The Divine a

zzahwajal and The Divine begins to teach them that Bismillahi ‘r-Rahmaani ‘r-Raheem, Ati`ullaha wa ati`u ‘r-Rasoola wa ooli ‘l-amri minkum.  That; “if you love Me, obey the Rasul (s),” and as they begin to develop that love and embrace that love, and begin to be lost in that love of Sayyidina Muhammad (s), then Prophet (s) begins to teach: “then follow the `ulul amr.” Follow an authority in your life and always put a discipline upon yourself as to tame, Haqq, tame the wild character, tame your bad desires and don’t ever be left by yourself. If by yourself, you fall under your own ego’s desires and The Divine azzahwajal didn’t create us to be alone: “wa kunu maa as sadiqeen.” The Divine azzahwajal says: “keep the company of the sadiqeen,” they encourage you, they inspire you, physically and spiritually; they are reflecting from that light and from that love into our lives. And (they) begin to fix our co-ordinance, begin to inspire, and like clarity of the Kiblah, and like a compass in our life; that when we are lost we require a GPS.

We need some sort of light and some sort of guidance and amazing today these technologies, The Divine azzahwajal is teaching us, and Tariqa comes and teaches us: “don’t be munafiq; don’t be a hypocrite.” Be careful, what you ascribe to reach from your low and dirty self, trying to reach the realities of The Divine azzahwajal, think! Then think how and what we use in this little dirty material world.  Hey, when we want to come into this city and we are not familiar, the latest thing; everybody has a GPS. Everybody has mobile phones; even the mobile phones have a GPS system. Then The Divine azzahwajal begins to inspire when we are humble and we are low to the ground, (as) servants always asking: “Yaa Rabbee, guide me, guide me, guide me,” and with the concept of tafakkur and contemplation, we begin to contemplate and you see the wisdom all around us. That everybody now in this material world wants a GPS system. They want turn by turn (when driving) how to get somewhere. Why waste time? Are you crazy? “No I am going to do it myself.” Oh you enjoy, you will have a real good evening trying to do that, “okay lets do it ourselves,” so we go around for hours finding and especially in a domain that we are unfamiliar with.

So everybody now their ego is accepting this GPS, the genie in a box: “left turn please, right turn please, left turn please,” and coming with a satellite system, means coming from above to the Earth, The Divine is sending from the secrets of The Divine and Muhammad. Always, AwliyaaThe Divine when they are seeking and in need of guidance, (they say) yaa hadi wa yaa dalil,” from the (letter) ‘haa’ of The Divine azzahwajal, hidayatuLlah Al Hadi, (Wise Guide/Guidance) must be dressing in dunya first to Sayyidina Muhammad (s). From the ‘haa’ of The Divine azzahwajal, yaa hadi, means guide me and the zikr that is following is: “yaa Dalil {Guide};” the (letter) ‘daal’ of Muhammad (s). The dhalailal khairaat, the best of guides, the guide who is the prefect “Abd-The Divine,” the perfect servant of The Divine azzahwajal because who are you asking to guide? Because none of the other prophets even reached that station of marif’aa, they were not invited for “al `Israa wa’l-Mi`raaj ” (the journey to Heavens).

So then AwliyaaThe Divine begin to clarify our compass, when you are asking for guidance then you start making that zikr: “ya hadiu ya dhalil,” means from The Divine azzahwajal from unseen realities moving through the heavens must hit the heart and the light of Sayyidina Muhammad (s). And he is with us or not with us, doesn’t matter because Prophet (s) is teaching his companions that don’t think that these people who have died are dead, these shuhaada, these people who have been martyred, they are very much alive in their grave. If that is for somebody who has died, imagine the Rasul (s).

So the AwliyaaThe Divine are teaching us when they are in need of that guidance, they are constantly making that zikr: “ya hadiu ya dalil, yaa Rabbee send that guidance.” That guidance will come to the heart of Prophet (s), and then Prophet (s) must begin to inspire, and direct us for our co-ordinance; how to get out of difficulty how to move and have clarity. And then we see all of dunya is using from that secret of Awliya that it must be coming from above and coming to the Earth.


The Divine wants us to take an example, that you from here to there in front of your nose you can’t find it yourself, it even requires something from space to tell you something ten feet in front of you. Don’t you see how blind you are? Why you think you are so powerful, if you are so powerful then why do you need this devise from space from hundred miles above, two hundred miles – I think the satellites are at two hundred miles above the earth in orbit. From two hundred miles above something has to tell you what is fifty miles ahead of you or ten miles in front of you, it is a sign of humility. You are not so powerful, you can’t find the rest room or the coffee shop you are looking for, and you think you are going to find My Divine Presence? Is it so cheap for you, it’s so insignificant for you?


So then again, `ulul amr (those in authority), they are coming into our life and teaching us: “O be humble, don’t be munafiq, don’t be hypocrite in Divine Presence.” Hypocrisy is that you are using this to find a restaurant, it is a wasila (means) for you, because The Divine azzahwajal is saying: “you need a wasila, you need a means in which to approach something,” why then in dunya you use that wasila but in akhira you don’t? See then, any time you pick up a technology be very careful, we pick up a technology and say, “I need this technology to get to the restaurant.” The next time you pray, you have to say: “O my Lord, I am in need of your Heavenly technology, I can’t find my way to the restaurant, of course I can’t find my way to You.” Then, be humble, ask the Rasul (s), have the love for the Rasul and ask the Awliyaallah, ask for their madad and support and they are more powerful than your GPS. They are more blessed than the telephone that you hold, that some company made, “I made them with My hands,” (says The Divine). Means your creation is more noble and more powerful than what you make; because we are all bhutt-parast, we are all idol worshippers.


It means when Awliyaallah begin to teach us, we have to be humble, “we are not believers, we are not mu’min, we are definitely not mukhlis, you are mushriq,” you have more faith in your technology than you have in The Divine , you have more adab in your technology than adab for The Divine . So Tariqa comes and teaches us be humble keep asking astagfaar, keep asking forgiveness.


“Yaa Rabbee I rely on this technology, I am so amazed by this technology and I don’t realize this technology that you have put into me, and not only put into my heart  but there must be; ‘wa kunu maa as-sadiqeen,’ there must be sadiqeen, whom You have upgraded their technology and they are better than mobile phones and they are better than technology; a GPS system, because they are under Your tajjali, they are dressed: “ati ullaha” they are obeying (You) The Divine azzahwajal, “ati`u ‘r-Rasoola” obeying Sayyidina Muhammad (s) and The Divine has granted them `ulul amr, they are under the authority of `ulul amr, they are the best technology.”


We so much rely on these machines and seek the heavenly reality: “wa la `qad karamna bani Adam, I have taught and have honoured this creation of Adam (as) and I have taught him all the names,” they did not teach the names, banana apples monkey giraffe, means he has all heavenly knowledge’s, that malaaika (angels) are in service to him so they make such ihtiraam, they bow down with respect for that gift that is moving through the heart of Sayyidina Adam (as) and his children. The dhurria means from that knowledge of that understanding that is given to that heart, the angels are amazed at that knowledge. Based on that knowledge they bow down and respect because knowledge is power in Divine Presence.


We said before that Mawlana Shaykh is teaching knowledge, it is the abundance of The Divine’s Qudrah, Qaaf, wal Qur’an al Majeed. If that Qudrah is in your heart means your heart is illuminated with the Holy Qur’an; the secrets of Holy Qur’an. Malaaika knew that when that heart is with that knowledge that heart is filled from Holy Qur’an, and they bowed in ihtiraam, in respect; means that reality is then dressing us, that reality is then blessing us. Alhamdulillah The Divine azzahwajal sent to us the best of Heavenly GPS systems, from the saints of Divine Presence. They are in our lives to give us guidance and there is always living representatives to guide us on daily basis on what we need to reach our reality. When we have that love and understanding of that guidance, Mawlana Shaykh begins to teach us and this is important for us to understand , it is important to contemplate : “yaa Rabbee if you are guiding me and I am humble enough to sit on my prayer carpet and be a means at Your azamaat, Your greatness, Your magnificence, Your munificence the greatness of Sayyidina Muhammad (s), what You are dressing all these realities they can all be found in the heart of Sayyidina Muhammad (s), and then from whom You like, You are dressing from Your servants, all that greatness and I find myself in a Tariqa, I find myself in a school of these realities.”


Mawlana was teaching us and we start to think first, you have to have an understanding of that greatness what is it that God is giving you as a gift? When you become amazed and astonished by that gift then you start to sit back and say: “how did I get a seat at that university, at that school of adab and (good) manners. Why did I get a seat?” Then Mawlana begins to teach us: “if you think it is for you then you are thinking very highly of yourself, well who cares for just you? They put all that reality all that blessing because you are special?” If I am thinking (about) myself this greatness, all this is for me, its amazing God loves me so much, out of all he picked me, saying: “you are my special one, mwah (kiss) I will put you here.” But then Tariqa comes and teaches us no, no; you are an ambassador; you are a representative of many people.

Holy Quran 6:87 (To them) and to their fathers, and progeny and brethren: We chose them, and we guided them to a straight way.


You are representing your family those that have passed and those that have not yet come. You got the lucky ticket, who The Divine azzahwajal teaches from that Mulk, is in The Divine’s hands, He gives it He takes it, (and) it’s in The Divine’s hands. They begin to teach us that you have been given that ticket you have been given that guidance that go to that association go to those people connect your heart and prove yourself and realize it is not for you only. You have the responsibility to improve yourself you are representing your descendents living and those who have passed your mother your father your sister your aunts your uncles, grand parents that did not reach that reality, our relatives that did not reach that reality, all relatives around the world that are not dressed by that reality, and may have very difficult consequences in their graves and, “you have been sent to represent them.”


Once you understand the magnitude that, “ yaa Rabbee I am an ambassador  and that You have guided me to this, now that I am perfecting myself,” and as I am perfecting myself I am drawing closer to those ulul amr, and those ulul amr are drawing me closer to the presence of Sayyidina Muhammad (s). You realize that you are not coming alone; if they wanted you to come alone they put all that (knowledge) for what? The Divine, He sent one taxi for you to bring you all the way to the Divine Palace? “You are coming in a bus,” in bus loads of people, as you are perfecting yourself The Divine azzahwajal is saying: “you are perfecting yourself, you are the lucky one, through your heart through your testing through your accomplishments I am going to dress all your descendents because your soul (is) not like your ego, your soul is generous, your ego is ‘me, me, me, I like it, I don’t like it, I perfect myself, I don’t perfect myself, I don’t care.’” But the soul is teaching, “Oh no look at your loved ones and look at their conditions, you think they are going somewhere nice?” If you think the condition in dunya is bad, imagine what is going to happen in the grave, they did nothing with their life except run after dunya. Many of them died in that state (with) only love of dunya. Many of them are living now with only love of dunya, and they are going to have difficulty in the grave.


So God’s mercy is then from: “I picked this seed (and) put them in that school. And (then) start to learn how to love, love My saints, love My messengers; from loving My messengers you are going to learn how to love My Divine Presence.” As you begin to love that Divine Presence that love begins to emanate through all your descendents. Like a world of light, it begins to hit the soul and that soul begins to move through all of them. You start to see that as a result of your testing, your understanding of Tariqa, all these lights are blessed. If you start doing a good job of perfecting yourself, you even see how your descendents your children your loved ones, their lives are improving, no action of their own, everything starts to come into place as I come into place, if I take the path seriously.


Mawlana was loading these teachings to us and we understood, when I am being tested to purify myself, the reason they want me to pass is not so that I do better only at home; when they teach us, “okay don’t fight with your spouses, perfect yourself, take your annihilation, be humble not only for the tranquility of your family life, pass your test, don’t be aggravated by somebody in the association, pass your test, pass your test not only for your own comfort,” but as you pass and they raise your darajaat (levels), then all your descendents are being raised with you. All the people that you keep coming and asking to pray for, “pray for this loved one, pray for this loved one, pray for this loved one,” yeah they are praying but they are praying that how come you are not getting it and improving yourself?


Your descendents are counting on you, it’s not about you, “I am not going to fight with the person, I don’t want to fight with the person,” I want to continue to be with my bad characteristics but all these descendents are waiting for that reality.  As we pass the class into the next class then they are all benefitting. And you see some of these poor families that they send one child to college and they are all going crazy. Because they are suffering in their condition; they put everything on the hopes of that one child going to college. And so when they see that one child in college, they feel like their bread has hit the olive oil. That, they are going to celebrate now, the kid is going to be a doctor, somebody successful and he is going to pull us all out of our poverty. What then is The Divine azzahwajal saying about us? Many descendents they don’t know how to make salawaat. Many descendents they don’t know how to make zikr. Many descendents were fooled by shayateen. Raise your self, get into the next level of purity and they are all being blessed; this is from The Divine’s Rahmah. The Divine is opening Bismillahi ‘r-Rahmaani ‘r-Raheem, “I want to dress you and all your descents with all this mercy, I want you to fill a paradise filled with all your descendents.” Otherwise, you get to paradise and say, “where are all my descendents?” They say, “Sorry they didn’t make it.” Where is Bismillah? Where is your mercy, your compassion? Somebody says you won the lucky ticket, wonderful, we are just sending you, and you say: “but I have my children, I have my wife,” this is not a vacation, its actually going to be miserable because I will be wondering what is happening to them?


So the Divine is teaching us, take our test, be a good character, understand what Tariqa is asking from us, in our homes keep silent, have good manners, learn adab, learn respect, learn tashreef, respect Awliyallah; respect the family of AwliyaThey are not like you, they are sent as an example to test you, based on how you did you test; you get your stamps of approval. You pass your grade, you are elevated and all these descendents are happy inshallah. We pray that we understand these realities and that we struggle and strive not only for ourselves; for our children, our loved ones, our relatives all around this earth, living and who have passed, and for our children’s children who will be coming.


“Yaa Rabbee give us this opportunity,” in the middle of  this western world, The Divine is saying: “I am giving you a circle from paradise, what can you do with it? You have no one to blame but yourself if the condition of your death is not what you expected, I gave you an opportunity to improve yourself and all your descendents into that light, into your paradise, into your love and they should be happy,” if their paradise is better than they will take you where they are going. But at least if they did not get a good enough ticket, you can at least upgrade (them) to where you are.


al Fatihah.