Aoodhu billahi min ash-Shaytani ‘r-rajeem, Bismillahi ‘r-Rahmaani ‘r-Raheem.

Madad al Haqq Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani (q).

Secrets of 18 ,the second lunar month

What we are trying to say tonight is that, this way of the Cave makes no sense; because, none of us were born in the Cave. The only one born in the Cave was Sayyidina Ali (r). He was born in the Kaa’ba Shareef. Everybody else is trying to circumbulate the Kaa’ba. It means very few people are born into that reality.

So since this is the beginning of the year, and we go back to page one, always we ask A’oodhubillah min ash-Shaytani ‘r-rajeem, that “O my Lord, this is a year; twelve months, I am going to be journeying up till the twelfth month, so that I arrive into Your Presence. So in the first month I am asking: “A’oodhubillah min ash-Shaytan, I am asking refuge in O my Lord from the accursed one, whose whole goal is to destroy me.” So you understand? You have the ball, and Shaytan is coming very quickly after you. If at any time you forget that, you are going to be tackled, and brought down very fast. That is our life that is the game we play here.

So every now and then watch scary movies, horror movies, and see (Satan), he is alive and well, and Shaytan is preparing things, doing things, he is very active. So then I am asking on my journey; the year is starting, that at every moment from that point; “I am seeking refuge in You, my Lord from all evilness outside and evilness inside.” We have an evilness inside that is friends with the evilness outside. And then I have a soul and my soul is from paradise; it is held prisoner in this body.

We have to understand the game, and then we know how to fight the game. We are from Paradise and we are sent into Satan’s territory. We are sent on to this earth, this is not paradise, and this is Satan’s kingdom. He has built his palaces, his casinos, his everything; everything from the material world is Shaytan’s domain. He was thrown out. So all holy books say, “Get out, you are cast out,” you are the, what is the word in English– rajeem, you are the banished one, the evil one, this is his kingdom. And we are from that wonderful Paradise sent here, and we landed (on Earth). And we landed in the depth of his palace.

So then Allah Azzah wa jal says, “You came pure into this world, (mentioned) in the Holy Qur’an, and your mothers and your fathers changed you. It means we came pure, came into this world, and from that point on we are in Satan’s hand.

Bad character, bad bringing-up, bad manners, bad doing, bad actions, bad seeing, bad drinking, bad smoking, bad, bad, bad, deep into the kingdom of Satan, locked and chained into that.

So we all have to know where are We , we are not in Paradise; we are not born in Paradise. Even if you say your father and mother and grandmother and all your jad (lineage) are Naqshbandi, are pious, are mu’min. Eh…very few, unless they achieved wilaya from Allah Azzah wa jal, they escaped, but we didn’t. We are still deep into that palace. And Allah Azzah wa jal says,

“There is a servant in there, go get him,” because we are crying out, our soul is crying out, and it is an inspired soul. It is not from our cleverness, it is a gift, a ne’mat, given to our souls that cried out, because we have somebody in Akhira crying for us, that, “My Lord, that soul, that descendent of mine, free one of them from that palace, maybe two of them.”

How many have they got from that tribe coming out? It’s a big ne’mat, you are lucky if you find one in a family that Allah destined for them to be saved by Awliya. How many daughters do you have? Masha-Allah all three of them, all their husbands and all their children are in Tariqa, it’s a huge gift. You are lucky if one from a pious family, a good family (cries out for help), and Allah dispatches a wali into that palace.

So the concept for us to understand, what is this battle? Why am I always losing it? We are deep into the dungeons of devils and that awliyaAllah are dispatched into our life, coming in there under cover, because if these devils know they are awliyaAllah, and they expose themselves, they will be eaten. This material world won’t take a pious person. Have you ever watched movies, when they make a movie about something that they think to be holy, and all the news reporters come, and others come, and they start tearing it apart: “This is a magician; it’s this, it’s that?” They rip it apart, they would not allow something holy into this world, and they would rip it to pieces. So they are always veiled.


So then this veiled pious person comes deep into this dungeon and begins to talk to us: “That, we have been sent to take you out and to escape, so come with us, follow us, believe in us, we can escape.” But we are so deep into this dungeon that it is very difficult to escape. It is very difficult to change the mind or the heart of just one person, because all along the way, you are grabbing the person’s hand, “Let’s go, let’s go, you just have to trust in me, you have been raised in this dungeon, you don’t know how to get out,” because the Wali’s co-ordinance is from Heavens and not from that palace. He knows a system to get out. It escaped, and then the rule of wilaya, the rule of awliya, is that if they escape and they arrived, and their spirituality opens, however they want to describe the opening, the rule of that opening is (to ask): “What does God want from you, when He opens your heart?” “I am going to open your heart; I am going to open your reality. You are not outside of that kingdom, you are in My Kingdom. ‘Thy Will be done, Thy Kingdom has come,’ and it is in your heart as it is in My Heaven, you are a saint.”


At that time the Divine Presence says: “That saint-hood, that crown I am going to give you, the only thing I ask from you is to go back into there and save somebody else. Go back in!” And you can’t imagine wanting to go back from where you just escaped. Why would anyone want to do that?


And we can’t understand this because we love this world so much, we are attached to its sickness, we are attached to its drinking, its drugs, its awful foods, its pornography, its money, its buildings’, its properties. We are so deep into that dungeon; we can’t imagine why nobody else loves this dungeon? But they went through so much difficulty, so much trauma, so much heartache, so much testing and they got out, and the Divine says, “I got a request for you, go back in. But this time you go in supported.” So then, there are supported beings that they live in this dunya to save us and bring us out. If we take their teachings, take their hand, just put our trust in them and agree with yourself, that, “I am so deep in the crap, I have no idea where I am.” It’s like a mantra, you have to keep saying, because as soon as they are running with you, they go through two doors, (then),

“Thank you very much,” (pushing away) “I know where I am going now.”

“Um, what the heck are you talking about? You have no idea what is in store for us. You just keep holding on.”


So the most difficult aspect of this is, just trying to keep that soul, not that body, the ego of that being to hold hands with you, and keep going, keep going. You have no idea what is in store for you. We said before, you don’t know your name amongst demons and you don’t know your name amongst Heavens; you don’t know yourself. If you don’t know yourself, how are you going to get out?


We have talked many times privately with different people. And they keep asking, “How come we keep falling, how come things keep happening?” It’s because, we don’t really know what we are up against. We don’t know how deep we are into these difficulties and how much faith and trust we have to have, and just keep holding and running, keep holding and running, keep holding and running, they have a firasah, an (inspired) vision, that is from outside of that. And they know exactly which path they are going on, and they have an entire communication system to get out.


Have you watched these spy movies? When the guy goes in to save somebody, he is from some special forces. These (veiled awliyaaAllah) are God’s Special Forces. They are sent in there with all sorts of technologies. Even now with this entire thing, if he gets lost, he says we know where you are, make a left turn right now. Have you seen a special force movie? There is an operator, who watches for a predator, or from other technology, they have schematics of the building, and they have a GPS, where that one is saving a hostage. He says, “We know where you are right now, you are heading up to a brick wall, make a right turn, there is a clearing.” They have the schematics of the building; they know exactly where you are running. You don’t think the Divine and the saints have the schematics for this? They don’t know every trick that Shaytan is going to plan? They don’t know a way out? They are trying to take us, they are trying to go. And the only way to take that hostage out, is blind-fold them and close their mouth, because the whole way they are going to complain.

“I know exactly where I am going.”

“How do you know where you are going? You are the one who got yourself into this mess; you were the one praying to get out. And they have (sent) somebody to take you out. And now the whole time you want to beat up the one who is taking you out?”

“Ah (struggling with blindfold), let me go, take this thing off my eyes, let me go.”

So the whole time we are struggling with them, we are struggling in the process of submitting. And that is why Allah Azzah wa jal describes, “They have a sustenance that they love to eat, but they share it for the sake of God.” It means they share their heavenly sustenance with, what was the category; the yateem (orphaned), the miskeen (the poor), and the wayfarer; the one who is a slave.

76:8 Surah Insan And feed with food the needy wretch, the orphan and the prisoner, for love of Him,

 It means these three categories; will eat with the Saints They are going to give us their sustenance means they are going to take us out of this difficulty. But, if we are not miskeen, and we don’t feel yateem, then no way we are going to feel to be a wayfarer; like someone in bondage, somebody enslaved in difficulty. The Divine says these are the three types of people who can eat at that Table, the Table that Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, asked to come onto Earth, to feed the first of us and the last of us, a heavenly dish. When he asked for that, he [as] was asked by the wealthy people, that;

“Bring us a Table and prove your power.” He [as] asked: “Are you sure, once this Table comes, then you’ve got to eat from it. At that time you can’t change your mind.”

They said, “No, you bring a Table.”

As soon as the Table began to descend, all the learned, at that time they were all the Rabbis, all the big scholars wanted a miracle. As soon as the Table came, they ran. They said: “Why would we eat from that Table?” And then only three categories came, the yateem, the miskeen and the `waaseera, the wayfarer. They are the only ones who came to that Table and ate from that sustenance.

So then the realization of the self, and the only way this program works, the fastest way that this program works, is for me to realize, “I am deep into this trouble. I am deep into this difficulty, because if I am not, I should be hearing the seven Heavens.” First sign, I should be hearing my masters guiding me. It means my foot must be in a lot of crap, that I am not hearing. If I am not hearing, I am definitely not seeing because I would be seeing my masters giving my co-ordinance. The minute this pooh-poohs leaves us, the hearing opens. Because it means you are clean, and it can’t attach itself to you. If that dirtiness leaves, your hearing is opening. If your hearing is submitting and really submitting, the eyes of your heart become open, hearing and seeing in the yaqeen (certainty) of the Shaykh not of the unseen. Some people hear devils and they are whispering, “I am hearing some people come, saying, I am going to kill you.” We are talking about hearing our masters; hearing the tasbih (Glorification) of the Heavens, hearing from the Prophet (s). When that hearing is opening and the vision is opening and you are able to see your master and the master is able to present his face and the face of Prophet (s) to your soul without dying, it means you are being dressed from Divine Presence. It means your communication systems are working and they are able to guide you and pull you and move with you. So of course they send you back in, to go get people, because we are able to communicate with you, “left, right, left, right, take them out.”

So until that time then, we are in; deep, into this difficulty. And we are deep into that difficulty if we don’t admit to ourselves, “I want to be saved.”

So the first concept of Bismillahi ‘r-Rahmaani ‘r-Raheem, in this month, in this year is that; “I am deep into this my Lord. What these saints are describing of abilities’, none of which I have, I am deep into this difficulty, save me, I am seeking refuge in You, and Your Mightiness and the vastness of your Kingdom, whom you have given Your Majesty and Grace to, Your servants, whom you choose.” Nobody can say God can’t give that, to whomever he wants, He gives him. As soon as we seek that refuge, then begin to move, that I am accepting, I am deep into that difficulty. But we are not realizing that they have already sent for us people to bring us out. So my job is to say: “Let’s go.” (motion of hand cuffing). When it gets very scary and you don’t understand, blindfold yourself. It means admit to yourself; you don’t know. When we begin to think we know what is best, we are taking the blindfold off, and now struggling (begins).

“We have to go, we have to go,” the co-ordinance says, “we have to go now; we have to move now,”

“Oh no, leave me alone!”

Then it again becomes a struggle. But they wait, they are patient. They wait and wait and we wonder why we are in that position, and for myself always a reminder, that they give us these analogies for us to understand that we are deep into these difficulties. And we should take every precaution possible, and every opportunity available for Najjat (salvation), to get out. And Mawlana told stories, it’s a known story for many people and now you are seeing it. Someone was asking: “Save me my Lord, save me my Lord, save me.” He was a big believer, thinking himself to be a big believer, and a flood comes, rainstorms coming, everything is going to be destroyed, the police show up at that persons house and say;

“Let’s go, we have news of a flood coming.”

“Don’t bother me, I trust in my Lord.”


“I trust in my Lord.”

Police say, “Ok.”

The police go. Now flood water has gushed down the road taken the water to the windows, and it looks like it is coming into the house, now they are coming with a kayak, (rowing action):

“Get out of the house, get out of the house.” They come to the window of the house and tell the man, “Get out of the house.”

“Don’t bother me; I trust in my Lord, I trust in my Lord.”

“Ah, whatever.” The kayak goes.

A second chance came. The water came, and the whole village flooded, he is on his chimney holding-on. The roof is about to finish, the last second before the water was coming, a third chance came, it was a helicopter. The helicopter threw down the rope, “Let’s go,”

“I am trusting in my Lord, I am trusting in my Lord.”

And the helicopter left and the man died. And he arrived very angry in Divine Presence, saying “Yaa Rabbee, what the heck. I was trusting in You, waiting for You, waiting for You,” and the angel came and hit him on the head. Thup! Have you see the V8 commercial? They sent somebody three times to save you. Why are you so arrogant and stubborn? Three times they came to save you out of God’s love for you. The first was the easiest, you could have gone in the car and taken your goods with you, you gave that one up. Now that everything was destroyed and the boat came, you still did not enter into the boat for safety. And when destruction was imminent and obvious, and everything was flooded and you were holding on to the chimney, you didn’t even take the rope. It means every opportunity is coming our way, every chance is moving in our direction. Mawlana asks, “We have ears, and the animal kingdom has ears too, but do we use them to hear?” And when we hear, are we really listening to what they are saying? If you are really listening, the frequency of what you are hearing, and what you are seeing on the news, you should know something dangerous is coming and moving very fast, very fast. So then with our entire being, the Sultan of Saints is saying, “I think you should be making zikr: ‘Hasbun-Allah, Rabbun-Allah.'” That is a scary sound. It could be many different zikrs he is giving, but he is seeing everybody on the chimney of their roofs, because very few people got into the car to be helped. Hasbun-Allah, Rabbun-Allah is for the guy on the chimney, waiting even for a string because the arrogance; “No not for me, no, not going to happen.”

So when the Sultan of Saints says Hasbun-Allah, it means I trust in my Lord, Rabbun-Allah, that my Lord is God. It means that keep making that chant, keep making that chant Hasbun-Allah, Rabbun-Allah, Hasbun-Allah, Rabbun-Allah; open your ears, there are messages, that there are scary times coming, open our eyes, watch the news, one after another, floods are coming, disaster is coming, know where all our families are. Know where your children are. In one second an earth quakes comes, it may take out.

Subhaana Rabbika Rabbil izzati amaa yasifoon wa salaamun alal mursaleen, wa ‘l-hamdulillahi Rabbil `alameen. Al-Fatihah.