Divine Enlightenment of the Heart The Miracles and Inspired Wisdom of Shaykhs of the Naqshbandi Golden Chain

By Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani

Levels of ‘Ilm and Our Heavenly Names

16 DECEMBER 2001 (DE1.8)

Audhu billahi min ash-Shaytan ir-rajeem. Bismillah ir-rahman ir-raheem. Dastoor ya sayyidi madad. Nawaytul arba‘een, nawaytul ‘itikaf, nawaytul khalwa, nawaytul ‘uzla, nawatul riyaada, nawaytus suluk, fee hadhal masjid lillahi ta‘ala al-‘adheem.

Only those who reach the knowledge that Allah has granted them, can understand what Grandshaykh said:

Every human being has seven names. One is in dunya; the name which your parents give you. But in Allah’s presence you have seven special divine names.  Each one of these names comes with 7,000 knowledges. You cannot understand the second name until you understand the 7,000 knowledge’s associated with the first name. If you know it before you die, they will inspire to you begin understanding the second name. If you complete that knowledge, then you will begin to understand the third name, and so on.

Between one name and another there are 7,000 levels a person must complete before knowing oneself. Who knows himself knows his Lord. To know yourself, you must know each of your names, and we are heedless of what these awliya are describing. While this knowledge was proliferated throughout centuries of our rich Islamic history, only a limited number of contemporary scholars have succeeded in understanding it, and others will never understand any of this. May Allah teach them these precise, time-honored sciences and may He support all Muslims around the world to better learn our religion.

Al-tariqat kulluhu adab. Tariqat embodies the application of discipline, perfect conduct, and high ethics. It breeds the perfect way of keeping good relations with those around you. That is why intrinsically followers of tariqat are peace-loving people, who are soft, who like to help others, and who may even endanger themselves to help others. Seekers through the path of spirituality are always looking to the best, and the best is taffakuru sa‘atan khayran min ‘ibadati alfi sanna: “To contemplate for one hour will be rewarded with the equivalent of more than 70 years of supererogatory worship{70x [360 days x 5 prayers]= 126,000 Prayers= One Hour of Muraqabah}.” If you meditate to better yourself, to find ways of improvement, you will receive rewards beyond anything you can imagine.

From these drops of knowledge, you must learn them all from the 7,000 drops related to one of your seven heavenly names, which were given to you on the Day of alastu birabbikum. Awliya try to know these names by progressing in the Oceans of knowledge of their personal heavenly names. ?

Bihurmat al habeeb wa bi hurmat al-Fatiha. For the sake of the Beloved, for his sake we recite the Opening Chapter of Qur‘an.